We are looking forward to seeing if the formulations from Dr Stacy Sims - former nutritionist to Lance Armstrong – have any noticeable benefits on us.


In the mean time here are our first impressions of both the Osmo Active Hydration and Acute Recovery powdered drink mixes:

    • In Osmo's words “women are not small men" this powdered drink mix range is designed to help us perform at our best even when the menstrual cycle is effecting our hormone levels.
    • Both drink mixes come in small containers, 425g (40 servings) for the Active Hydration and 360g (16 servings) for the Acute Recovery. This could be an issue as you don’t want to run out after just a few rides. A measuring spoon is including for accurate mixing.
    • Veering away from citrus flavours, Osmo have settled on Mango for the Active Hydration and Honey & Spice for the Acute Recovery drink mix. Taste is rather subjective, but we’ll report back on the flavours once fully tested.
    • An added touch that should be mentioned includes special recipes so you can mix it up, rather than drinking it with just water - which lets admit can get a bit dull!

Price: Osmo Active Hydration = £15.99, Osmo Acute Recovery = £29.99

Stockist: Wiggle