There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a good slab of cake from time to time - especially if you're putting the miles in.

[related_articles]However, day-to-day you probably want to be taking in good, nutritious food that isn't crammed full of empty calories, or sugar that will spike your insulin levels and leave you feeling deflated come ride time.

When rushing between meetings, school pick-up's and rides, it's easy to just "grab and go" with the first item that looks, or claims, to be healthy.

Some of them aren't, though - here are the 'pretend to be healthy' items to avoid in your local cafe...

granola yoghurt

A good dose of dairy, carby oats in the granola and a little sweeter at the bottom to keep it tasty, right?

Unfortunately a lot of seemingly healthy granola snacks contain a lot of sugar, not just in the granola, but also in the yogurt - often "low fat" means "high sugar content" in this case...

Stabucks Non-fat Greek yogurt and fruit, topped with crunchy granola contians 220 calories, only 3g of fat, but 19g of sugar, and a Cafe Nero Berry and Granola Pot will provide 223 calories, 6.9g fat and 21g sugar.

You're better of grabbing yourself a pot of Greek Yogurt and an apple or you could try this Blueberry and Quinoa Parfait.


Creamy oats made with lots of milk (plus a touch of cream), and thickened with shreaded pears, apple or berries - there's really not much need for Bircher pots to be crammed full of sugar.

However, most are. Cafe Nero Blueberry Bircher Museli will leave you buzzing with 236 calories and a huge 22.8g of sugar whilst the Starbucks Berry Good Bircher will have a similar effect, at 251 calories and 26 g of sugar

If you're after some nice filling oats, opt for a porridge pot - Pret's Steel Cut Oatmeal contains 195 calories, and 0g of sugar, alongside a nice 7g of protein, 6g of fibre and 9g of carbs.

Alternatively, try making a super quick breakfast smoothie you can drink on the go.

healthy food nutrition content vegetable crisps

These have been popping up all over the place lately as an alternative to potato crisps - which are high in saturated fat, and salt. Of course, now we think of it - crisps are made from potatoes - which are also not naturally high in fat or salt....

Amazingly, 100g of Tyrell's Crinkly Veg Crisps contains 31.2g of fat, to 30.8g in 100g of Walkers Salt and Vinegar. The Walkers do contain 1.5g of salt, compared to 0.2 in the Tyrell's.

There's different types of fat - and it's not all bad for you. Swap the fried fatty crisps for naturally fatty Raw Almonds - 100g provides 50g of fat but 20g of protein. Eat just a hand full and you'll stay full for longer.


Oats are a healthy go-to fuel, and there are plenty of healthy recipes out there that require just the oats, milk, and lots of fruit and nut. However, shop-bought options are usually pretty liberal with the glucose and sucrose...

A Cafe Nero Granola Bar (Wrapped) contains 278 calories, 18.3 g of sugar, and 14.3g of fat. Interestingly, the Unwrapped version has 263 calories, but just 9.7g of sugar and 4g of fat, so is significantly less likely to give you that sudden energy rush that will leave you sleepy later.

Costa's Fruity Flapjack contains 380 calories, 16 g of fat, and a whopping 34 g of sugar.

Our advice here? Make your own and you'll know exactly what's in there.

healthy food nutrition content yoghurt raisins

Fruit and nut mixes can provide you with good fats and a good dose of protein.

Dried fruit itself is pretty high in (natural) sugar - a 100g serving or raisins contains 59 g of sugar - add a yogurt coating and the sugar content goes even higher.

Eat's Yoghurt Fruit and Nut pack contains 311 calories, with 26.4g of sugar, and just 3.8g of protein. Comparatively, Pret's Omega 3 Nut Mix provides 247 calories, and just 11g of sugar, with 7g of protein.

In the grand scheme of things - we believe in practicing the age old "all things in moderation" way of eating: eat well, most of the time. Just make sure you check the packets, so you don't believe you're eating well, when you might as well be tucking into that slice of Victoria sponge!

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