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I have to say I am quite partial to certain brands of processed energy bars, hydration drinks and gels to keep me going on a long training spin or endurance race. But as a healthy eater who tries to avoid processed food, it often baffles me that I gorge on a concoction of sugary, processed snacks when I am on the bike.

So in an effort to stay on the healthy eating bandwagon, I have spent a bit of time researching natural alternatives and healthy bites that you can make yourself. And of course if any of you lovely readers out there have suggestions, please fire them on. I’m always keen to get my bake on and try out new recipes.

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[part title="Healthy Bites: Rise and Shine Bars"]


Gluten free and sweet enough to feel naughty, Rise and Shine bars are always a hit on a ride. These healthy bites are packed with flax seeds, pine nuts, pecans and dried cranberries, they are utterly scrumptious.

The recipe does include brown sugar but this can be switched for honey if you are already sweet enough!

Check out the recipe here.

[part title="Healthy Bites: Pasta Rounds"]


Sometimes all I want is something super plain not to mention savoury on the bike and this little gem always hits the spot. And before you protest that this must be too messy for the bike, I promise it’s not. Simply cook up some pasta, as normal (gluten free past works the best).

Drain the pasta, coat in olive oil, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and place individual portions in a muffin tin in the oven for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven, allow to cool, wrap in a little foil and your healthy bites are good to go. This is such an easy one to throw in your pocket and eat on the move.

[part title="Healthy Bites: Vegan Flapjacks"]


Flapjacks are probably my biggest guilty pleasure. Whether it’s at the tea stop on a Saturday ride, out on the road or while watching a movie on a Saturday evening, the buttery, sugary goodness never fails to satisfy.

There was a point where I was utterly addicted. And while I still do indulge myself from time to time, I find that this healthier version of my favourite treat fills the void when I am trying to be good.

These healthy bites also offer a good hit of energy on the bike and are easy to consume and digest on the move.

Check out the recipe here. Be sure to use gluten free oats if you are intolerant.

[part title="Healthy Bites: No Bake Energy Bites"]

For those who are stuck for time, these no-bake, healthy bites are brilliant. They take about 20 minutes to make from start to finish! They are full of energy and are so tasty! This is a recipe that can be completely transformed to suit your tastes/ mood too, which is what I love most about it.

I use gluten free oats and have experimented with different nut butters, although peanut is still my favourite! Due to my weakness for chocolate I usually have a chocolate element. Lindt dark chilli chocolate works especially well!

Check out the recipe here.

[part title="Healthy Bites: Meaty Treats"]


Admittedly not the healthiest item on the list, meaty treats such as chorizo and biltong are fantastic for riding and can provide a much needed change from most oat based healthy bites. The chewy texture of chorizo and biltong make it the perfect snack to have on the move.

Simply chop up some chorizo, pop into a sandwich bag and you are good to go. Even more perfect if you are a little tight for time!

Recipe: Easy Chorizo Stew

[part title="Healthy Bites: Trail Mix"]


Ditch the store bought stuff that can often be laced with salt and other additives and opt to make your own trail mix full of scrummy healthy bites. This is the easiest thing you can make so fear not if you are not a pro in the kitchen.

Simply choose a selection of your favourite nuts and seeds and toast in the oven on a low heat for 20 minutes. Remove, leave to cool and add a selection of dried fruits of your choice.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth then you can drizzle honey over the nuts and seeds before you toast them. While this is slightly harder to eat on the move, it will go down a treat when you stop.

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