You may or may not know, but it's national Chocolate Week right now, and in our eyes, that's a pretty big deal. Even when we're training well and being healthy with what we eat, the chocolate always calls.

But what's so bad about a little bit here and there? We know that consuming dark chocolate is the best option out there, as it contains a higher percentage of cocoa than any other type of chocolate, meaning it contains more natural nutrients.

The low GI food is high in energy, is filled with antioxidants and contains a good amount of calories to burn off on your ride. The sweet treat also contains our much loved friend, caffeine, keeping you more alert on the bike for a better performance!

We experimented with the ingredient to find the perfect indulgent energy fix, and here are four of our recipes filled with a dark chocolatle twist for you to try out this week!

spinach ypghurt

When our food is green, we know it's going to be healthy for us. Although this may not look anything like what you had in mind for a chocolate feast, the super healthly kick uses flavoured protein powder to give it a distinct chocolate taste.

Don't worry, you can taste the spinach, it's just there along with the protein powder for extra nutrients!

beacon hill cookies

Whip up your own batch of these super tasty cookies in just 15 minutes!

Expect an extremely light textured , hazlenut-chocolate flavoured cookie, with just two providing you with a good amount of oleic acid which can help to lower cholesterol.

balls 3

Our no bake energy bites are the perfect snack which can be eaten on -the-go for a quick fix, when you're struck down by a loss of energy.

You only need to consume two of these and you will be bouncing about in no time!

brownie 2

Yes, we went all out for this one. Although they don't sound the slightest bit healthy, they're a much better alternative to shop bought brownies, and they're also loaded with protein!

Being jam packed full of energy (and chocolate), these are the perfect sweet treat after a long day in the saddle.

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