The kids are back at school - but it's not just those lucky enough to get a full one hour lunch break every day who need yummy ideas to keep them satiated. Cycle commuters need lunch too.

[related_articles]Riding to and from work is an amazing way to get the miles in, without really costing you extra time - it often doesn't take that much longer to ride than it does to drive in rush hour traffic, and you won't have to spend an hour or so sniffing someone's armpit on the train.

The only problem? You sometimes find yourself really hungry - and struggling to find inventive ways to curb the hunger from all the extra calories you're burning.

We're here to help with a selection of yummy lunch box ideas from around the web - enjoy...


If you're prone to getting bored of salads and sandwiches, these will liven up your lunch time.

They've got all the yummyness of pizza, but the 'base' is thin and you know exactly what's gone in there, so you can keep them healthy, using olive or coconut oil when frying to make sure you're getting good fats.

To make them, simply spray a non-stick pan with cooking oil, and pre-heat. Place a tortilla wrap into the pan, and spread on some tomato puree.

Add toppings - ham, cheese, sweetcorn, whatever you fancy - then add another tortilla on top. Flip them over, and brown the other side.

Check out the full recipe here.


It's entirely possible that everybody in the world has known this for decades, except us: but you can cook scrambled eggs in the microwave.

The realisation that such a feat was possible was pretty earth shattering, to be honest - since it meant we could make our fave, protein rich meal at work with no prior planning, aside from putting some eggs in a lunchbox before leaving.

Simply crack the eggs into a cup, add milk, and salt if desired, stir - and microwave for around two minutes. You can add spinach, ham and cheese, if you fancy - and serve with a roll or ricecakes to get your carbs in.

(Image: Home is Where the Cookies Are)

Quinoa Chicken lunch box ideas suggestions cyclists healthy cheap easy

It doesn't matter if you say "kwuh-NO-uh" or "KWIN-wah" - the stuff is still a great alternative to rice, pasta and cous cous. Not only has it got a great taste and texture, it contains 14g of protein per 100g - so you'll stay fuller for your ride home.

You can batch cook quinoa at the start of the week, and then just add the meat and veg that you fancy mixing in that day.

We love this recipe which we created as part of our '5 days of chicken' recipe set...


Whoever said lunch boxes had to be boring clearly had not been on the blog 'Simple as That'.

Yes, you're still eating pretty much the same ingredients you'd have in a sandwich - but skewering them brings a little variety, and means you can tailor them to the diet that suits you.

If you're trying to eat 'clean', swap bread for potato wedges, sweet potato or pumpkin chunks (they take just 10mins in the microwave). The starchy veg will still give you the carbs you need, but also add fiber for a healthy gut.


What an awesome idea!

This meal contains a great mix of protein, to make sure your muscles are getting well nourished, as well as carbs to get you ready for the ride home and plenty of greens.

This will work particularly well for those who like to batch cook, too - just prepare your chilli in one go, and serve it out during the week. Veggies can swap the mince in the chilli for beans, as well.

We spotted this one on monkeymunchables.blogspot.


We always thought that quiche took a lot of effort - perhaps it was the way our mums, aunties and grannies always used to bring one out for a special occasion.

It seems, you can actually make one with ease - in a microwave! You'll need a few more ingredients than the scrambled egg:, namely: egg, milk, 1/4 of a bagel/some french bread, cream cheese, and ham.

Start by beating the eggs and milk in a coffee cup - add salt and pepper if you can find some. Tear the bread into chunks, and stir it in, along with cream cheese and ham.

Pop it all in the microwave for around 90 seconds - and you're good to go!

We like to keep it simple - but you can see the full recipe with added herbs and stuff here.

lunchmeat sushi, peppers, pickles, orange, candy

Well this is neat!

Perhaps we're a little lazy (never!) but the idea of making actual sushi has always seemed a bit too much effort - but rolling up cheese and ham, with some peppers in the middle? That - we can do!

We love the selection of veg alongside, and would add some rice cakes, or perhaps some rice, to go with these to keep us full.

Check out more ideas and Bento For My Girls.


This recipe is actually a firm favourite, taught to me by my very own mum before she sent me off to that big scary place called university.

Tuna is high in protein, and avocado contains the good fats which help us to put protein to good use. The cheese and chives just taste quite nice and (partly) aid the alliteration.

Simply mix tuna (tinned is fine) with avocado, using a fork. Drop in cubes of cheese, and some snippets of chives, or spring onions if taste is more important to you than poetry.

Spread on toast, and enjoy!

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