Yoga for cyclists: Crescent pose by Total Women's Cycling a Road Cycling video by Total Women's Cycling

The crescent pose opens up the front of the body, stretching the hip flexors, abdominals and upper chest.

How to do the crescent pose:

  • From Face Down Dog step the right foot forwards between the hands.
  • Release the back knee and the top of the back foot to the floor.
  • Keep the right knee directly over the ankle.
  • Slide the back leg away from you slightly to increase the stretch on the back hip.
  • As you inhale, stretch the arms up over the head, keeping the shoulders down away from the ears.
  • Draw the lower belly in and up as you tuck the tailbone toward the floor. Stay for 5 breaths.
  • Bring the hands down either side of the front foot, tuck the back toes under and push back up into Face Down Dog.

What to watch out for:

  • Keep the front knee directly over the ankle joint. Variations: For more intensity try doing Cow Face pose arms in this pose.


  • Knee problems - If you have any pain in the knee joint then release off straight away. Pad the back knee if the pressure on the floor causes discomfort.

Our instructor is Polly Clark; yoga teacher and founder of Mountain Yoga Breaks who offer weekends combining mountain biking and yoga in the beautiful Welsh countryside.