quinoa recipe mushroom

We all know how easy it is to let things slip towards the back of the cupboard until the product’s packaging has dramatically turned to a pale yellow and is now covered in pieces of food that have accumulated towards it over the years. Quinoa is one of those ingredients that this always seems to happen to in our households, because we honestly have no idea what to do with it!

Luckily, its sell by date means that it’s edible for a long period of time, so we’ve gathered some rather interesting recipes to help you finally get rid of that hefty 1kg bag of Quinoa. It’s a great hearty ingredient that’s packed with protein, containing all of the essential amino acids needed for the human body. We've also found that it acts as the the perfect natural gluten-free binder!

And you’re probably most likely aware of the endless salads you can make with quinoa, but we’ve ventured out of the comfort zone to bring you a bunch of exciting recipes that you had probably never even thought of making….


This looks like the perfect winter warming dish to satisfy your body after a tiring workout on the bike.

It’s a great recipe to pull out if you’re cooking for a vegetarian and are not quite sure what to make- you could even try adding some chicken to the mix if not. It’s also loaded with tonnes of vegetables, so it might be a good one to get out when the seasonal cold starts to strike!

Recipe sourced from Food Network.


Anything with apple and cinnamon in is bound to be a winner in our eyes.

And with only 38 calories, 0.7g of fat and 1.2g of protein per bite, these are a great little energy fix to get you back to yourself after a long tiring day in the saddle!

Recipe sourced from: And They Cooked Happily Ever After.


There’s nothing worse than hopping off your bike at the end of a long tiring day at work, to soon realise that tonight’s the night you had promised your partner that 'posh' romantic meal that you've been putting off for weeks.

Hooray, this recipe might just save the day! In just 20 minutes you can whip up a batch of Sweet Potato Salmon Quinoa cakes, that look like they've rolled straight off an M&S advert!

Recipe sourced from: Simply Quinoa.


We’re all for exciting breakfasts at TWC and this had our mouth-watering instantly, making a great change from ordinary porridge!

It’s a good one for you to get wild in the kitchen with, throwing in anything that you think might work in this wholesome quinoa concoction. Maybe some apricots or slices of fresh banana?

Recipe sourced from Bon Appetit.

quinoa recipe mushroom

This one makes a great little party snack for when you're having people over and don’t they just look divine?

Although we can't imagine ours would look quite like this, we think they would be great paired on the table with one of our own recipes, Spinach, Broccoli + Pea Puff Bites!

Recipe sourced from Food Network.


We’ve heard of cauliflower pizza crusts, to cut the carbs from your pizza, but this is the first time we’ve ever encountered a quinoa pizza crust…

Claiming to be “soft, yet sturdy, with crunchy edges and a filling bite" it seems like a great gluten-free alternative to pizza dough and is definitely on our list of recipes to try!

Recipe sourced from Oatmeal with a Fork.


Who would have thought that quinoa would be a staple ingredient in an indulging truffle?

They take just five minutes to whip up and provide you with a good amount of protein and fibre therefore are a much healthier alternative to shop bought chocolates. We think that these will make great treats for the Christmas table this year..

Recipe sourced from Simply Quinoa.