Queen of the Mountains Strava

Whether you are one of Strava's biggest fans logging everything from your 100 miler on the weekend to your jaunt to the local shops or a sporadic user we will be willing to bet you are oblivious to the extent of tools on offer on Strava.

We decided to round up five of our favourite Strava tools on offer to make your experience all the more enjoyable. You never know a couple of these might just help you to get even more out of your time in the saddle.


Spruce up your spin by finding a new route, and seeing some new sights. Strava’s routing tool also you to use heatmaps, a colour coded system that shows the most ridden routes in a chosen area. The colours range from blue to red, with red being the most popular. Surely all those people can’t be wrong can they?

Training for your first 100: Route planning for cyclists


See what your friends and peers are doing by starting your own Strava club. Members of a club have one place where they can update others on what they have been up to. For the competitive amongst us, members are automatically ranked by who has done the most miles, ridden the longest ride, and gained the most elevation each week.

The trials and rewards of running a cycling club


Not only does Strava mean that you can keep tabs on people that you know, but also gives you a chance to look at what makes leading professional cyclists the best in the business. Leading riders such as Marianne Vos, Dani King, and Joanna Rowsell regularly upload their rides, proving that your couple of hours isn’t really that bad.

The top female professional cyclists to follow on Strava


Did you know that as well as cycling; you can use Strava to log over 25 different types of activity. You can keep track of your strength training sessions when you need to build your power. And when you can’t make it out on your bike, throw on your trainers and go for a run - the app is able to give you live audio updates on your pace, time and distance.


As fun as Strava is, it can also help you if you are serious about improving your cycling and performance. Tailored training plans are available to help you boost anything from your 20 second sprint, to a 60+ minute plus climb. And if you really want to test your pain barrier, a selection of the famous Sufferfest videos is available for those rainy turbo days.