With the summer sun finally making an appearance over the past couple of weeks, now is a great time to dust off your bicycle and get back in the saddle.

If you need any more encouragement to get back on your bike, here are 10 reasons to take to two-wheels.

Cycling in town

Here are 10 fantastic reasons to get out and ride:

1. Cycling makes you feel good

Yep, pedaling around on your bike triggers the release of endorphins, your body’s very own feel-good drug.

2. Feeling lonely?

Cycle clubs welcome new members with open arms, and going along on a ‘club ride’ is a great way to make new friends in your area.

3. Cycling is free

Ok, we know bikes aren’t, but once you’ve got one, it costs nothing to ride.

4. Cycling saves money

Commuting by bike will save you serious amounts of cash, which we’re putting in our summer holiday kitty.

5. Cycling makes your smile

Does going to the gym do that? We very much doubt it.

6. Feeling out of shape?

Cycling is a fantastic way of burning fat. You can blast through around 500 calories an hour when riding at a brisk pace. We like to replace those calories with cake, but that’s just us.

7. See the world from a new perspective

Cycling is the best way to get out and explore your area, or a new one for that matter!

8. Cycling is easy on your joints

It’s far lower impact than running, and provides a great cardio workout.

9. Cycling decreases the risk of breast cancer

Well, ok, any moderate exercise for 30 minutes daily can have the same effect, but we’re all about the bike here, naturally!

10. Cycling is an efficient use of your time

Don’t waste time travelling to the gym - from the minute you step out of your door, to the second you return, as long as you’re pedaling, you’re working out.

Hopefully that’s convinced you. Now, adios, we’re going cycling.

Headline image by Tejvanphotos via Flickr.