Alena Chendler, Cycles Lady

There are some lessons in life that you only learn after you've been riding to work for a couple of weeks. Whether it be the exact layer combination that works for you, or a larger philosophical epiphany, its undoubtable that you'll find your view of the world challenged considerably over the course of your new life as a cyclist.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Commuting by Bike

You also learn some embarrassing stuff too. Like number one on our list of wisdomous nuggets...

Funkier J-393 Jersey

Seriously, who woulda thunk your bum could get so insanely cold? Only cyclists have ever had the cold penetrate (ho!) your glutes to the extent that you feel like you're plopped on an ice cube for the rest of the day.

Ask the Expert: Will My Commute take Longer by Bike?

No matter how many pairs of pants you wear, there's always going to be a deficiency of warmth around your posterior, because a proper cycling position involves you 'presenting' to the world.

cereal breakfast spoon food morning

One to fuel and one to recover, obviously. Coco Pops count for both, right?

kindle reading

The time you previously spent reading your book on the train has now been replaced with time spent being excellent.Which is no bad thing, of course. The likelihood of you finishing A Song of Ice and Fire, however, has declined.

girl bicycle

In the sense that the minute you start riding your bike every day, middle-aged men suddenly seem to think you're in need of instruction or a good telling off.

5 Ways to Stop Boredom on Your Commute

I was once told that I needed to "learn to share the road" (see number 5) in a manner that suggested I was a toddler being stubborn about handing over a Furby. Eugh.

Bicycle In City Traffic

We've all done it. There's a driver that insists on speedily passing you too closely every time you move off from the lights (despite the fact you consistently reach the next set in the same amount of time).

Beautiful Art Bikes: Turning Trash into Carnival Bicycle Floats

The biggest pleasure a cyclist can have is then, when reaching a narrower portion of road where you're within your rights to take up the entire lane for safety reasons, being extra infuriating to the driver behind. Sit up straight, bring down your cadence and have the general demeanour of someone returning from a jaunt to a flower market on a Sunday afternoon. Then smile as if their beeping horn is a symphony.

laundry clothes line old clothes

Of course everyone here at TWC has an entire technical wardrobe, full of midlayers and softshells to insure the appropriate clothing whatever the weather. OF COURSE.

Feel Warm, Look Cool: 7 Winter Cycling Essentials

But, in a world where perhaps that isn't true, it might be more likely that we have a mix and match wardrobe of sports gear and old t-shirts. And quite often, you find yourself running out of old t-shirts. Before you know it, you're cycling to work in a pyjama top or your Sunday Best.

manchester cycle lane routes proposed ASL


Going clipless is easier with pedals that have a standard side too.

Everyone knows that going clipless will result in not just a fall, but a fall that looks completely out of the blue.

How to: Master clipless pedals

When I first made the change to clipless, I forgot to clip out at the end of a quiet road. I came to a calm, serene standstill. I then fell over. After dusting myself off and having a quick glance around, I was satisfied that no one had witnessed the scene. Oh, wait a minute... yep. That's twenty people sniggering at a bus stop.


"Did you see the beard on that hunk of a cyclist?"

"The guy on the Pinarello? Didn't notice."

Sweaty Cyclist

We all know that really, sweat is not gross or unnatural or unfeminine or unhygienic or even remotely a big deal. Agreed? Awesome.