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Buying a folding bike can be a tricky business. And if your budget isn't huge, it can be even more of a challenge.

But fear not we are here to help. Here is a round-up of 8 of the best folding bikes for under £500 in 2014.

[part title="Tern Link D8"]

tern-link-d8-2013-folding-bike (2)

The Tern Link D8 gives you good bang for your buck. While Tern folding bikes in general do not fold as smoothly as some of its competitors they have a host of benefits. Firstly they ride very similarly to a full frame bike so they are good if your commute is slightly longer. They also feel very solid and stable, with robust wheels which are great for negotiating potholes.

This bike comes in at 12.1kg and has 8 speeds. Overall it is a pretty solid choice for city commuting. It also comes fitted with mudguards and a rear rack. The Tern Link D8 comes in three colourways - black and yellow, grey and blue and pink and white.

Price: £435

Stockist: Evans

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[part title="Dahon Vitesse D8"]


Buying a Dahon folding bike is a pretty safe call. As the largest folding bike manufacturer in the world, Dahon knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. This bike is pretty light for the price weighing in at 11kgs and has 8 speeds. Overall it is a smooth ride.

It is easy and fast to fold and easier to transport than the Tern. It is worth noting that this bike does not come with mudguards and a rear rack as standard.

Price: £371.20

Stockist: Wiggle

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[part title="Raleigh Stowaway 7"]


As one of the cheaper folding bikes on the market, you have to expect to make a few sacrifices when it comes to spec. With the Raleigh Stowaway 7, one of those main sacrifices is weight - this model weights in at 15kg.

If your carrying distances are short then it might be the perfect match for you, especially if you do not want to break the bank. This bike has a uncanny resemblance to the Dahon. It comes with 2o inch wheels, has 7 speeds, is equipped with steel mudguards, front and back and has a rear carrier to boot.

Price: £275

Stockist: Wiggle

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[part title="Matex BFold 3"]


Considering this bike comes in at just £139.99 it offers more than you would think. Firstly and most importantly - when buying a bike in this price range is it advisable to go for the simplest bike on offer. Cheap components can be a headache. This bike is singlespeed so that one potential headache that you will be saved down the line.

Weighing in at 14kg, it is not the lightest bike but it folds quickly and easily and is surprisingly easy to get from A to B, especially when stowed away in the handy carry bag that comes with it. It also comes with robust wheels and rides surprisingly smoothly.

This bike really is minimum risk - in addition to the low price, it also comes with a 5 year guarantee for the frame and 2 years for the parts.

Price: £139.99

Stockist: Decathlon

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[part title="Big Fish"]

bigfish stock image

This is one of the more unusual looking folding bikes on this list. Featuring good, sturdy design with a little hint of sassy European style thrown in, this bike will get you noticed.

The bike is equipped with a three speed hub and weights in at 12.2kg. While the folding mechanism is pretty simple, it is worth noting that this bike is not as compact as its competitors.

Price: £499

Stockist: Foldingbikes.co.uk

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[part title="Bickerton Junction 1607 Country"]


This sleek looking folding bike weighs in at 12.4kg, has 7 gears and comes with 20 inch wheels making it the perfect choice for city commuting. The bike is nice and sturdy and folds quickly and easily.

The bike comes fitted with a kickstand, mudguards and a rear carrier.

Price: £399.99

Stockist: Damien Harris Cycles

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[part title="Dawes Kingpin"]


The Kingpin is the longstanding, best selling folding bike in the Dawes range. Equipped with 7 gears, this bike is easily folded and comes with closure magnets to ensures it stays shut when carrying it.

The Kingpin offers a smooth ride thanks to Schwalbe marathon racing tyres. As standard the bike comes with a kickstand and mudguards.

Price: £399.99

Stockist: Dawes Cycles

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[part title="Land Rover City Bike "]

land rover

Land Rover isn't a brand you would associate immediately with bikes but it's offering is actually pretty good if you are in the market for a budget folding bike.

Weighing in at approximately 14kg, this bike isn't the lightest but it is pretty robust and rides well. The bike is 6 speed and comes with 20 inch wheels.

Price: £206.99

Stockist: Damien Harris Cycles

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