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Travelling to and from work each day using trains, buses or tubes can put a huge dent in your paycheck each month. So it may be worth swapping your travel card for a bicycle.

It’s not always easy to find a good quality commuter bike for less than a month’s salary either, but we’ve found ten brilliant choices for under £300, all of which are perfect for everyday city use. These commuter bikes may be relatively cheap bicycles, but they are also great bikes.

[part title="1. Bobbin Birdie £300"]


It comes with mudguards, covered chain, hub gears and a carrier rack as standard, making it a practical bike as well as a pretty one.

Saddle Style

[part title="2. Kona Dew 2013 £269.40"]


The Kona Dew is a hard wearing bike designed to be used for daily commutes and its wide-range gears enable riders to get to work quickly no matter what the terrain.

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[part title="3. Raleigh Strada 1 Women’s Bike 2014 £300"]

raleigh strada

The Raleigh Strada 1 also comes with puncture resistant tyres and a gender specific saddle giving riders piece of mind and comfort whilst they travel.

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[part title="4. Bobbin Women’s Metropole £299"]

bobbin womens metropole

The bike comes with mudguards, a spring saddle, vinyl grips, kickstand and chain cover as standard. It is available in black, mint, pale rose and maroon and can easily be customised with the addition of a basket or bag rack.

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[part title="5. Avanti Ladies Metro 3 2013 £300"]


Designed to give riders a smooth and comfortable commute, the Avanti Ladies Metro 3 has large wheels to absorb the impact of bumpy roads and a vibration absorbing seat. The town bike has a low step-through frame making it easy to get on and its upright position makes for a pleasurable ride.

Use the eight-speed internal gearing to race to work in the morning or go for a casual weekend ride through the park. The Avanti also has both a coaster rear brake and a front V-brake giving you a choice of ways to slow your bike to a stop.

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[part title="6. Raleigh Stowaway 7 2014 £275"]

raleigh stoaway

The folding element also makes it easy to store the bike in smaller homes and under your desk at work. With seven speed Shimano Tourney gears, the Raleigh is quick and agile - perfect for short commutes and the fitted rear rack is great for transporting your bags to and from work.

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[part title="7. Classic Women’s Touriste Commuter Bike £140"]

classic womens touriste

A great bike for commuters on a budget, the Classic Women’s Touriste may be the cheapest of our recommendations but it’s still a quality bike.

The low-step frame makes for comfortable use, the rear rack is handy for transporting goods and the full length mudguards ensure that you turn up to work as spick and span as when you left the house. It comes with Shimano 18-speed gears making it a pretty nifty bicycle too, ideal for riding around cities and towns.

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[part title="8. Elswick Women’s Cantebury Comfort Bike £254.12"]


A stylish bike in chocolate brown and baby blue, the Elswick Women’s Cantebury Comfort Bike comes complete with a colour-coordinated wide-cushioned leather saddle, leather handle grips and wicker basket.

The large rolling tyres make it a perfect town bike and the six gears are easy to switch between allowing for a relaxing ride.

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[part title="9. Kingston Hampton City Comfort Bike £199.47"]

kingston hampton

Full length mudguards and a chain guard have been fitted to prevent clothes getting dirty and a prop stand enables you to get on and off the bike without having to lean it against a wall or lie it on the ground.

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[part title="10. Col de Turini Loire 700c Commuter Bike £269.99"]

col de turini

A unisex bike, the Col de Turini Loire is a 21 speed red bike with integrated brakes and gears. It comes with panniers for storage, dynamo powered lights, mudguards, a chain guard and offers an upright sitting position making it an ideal bike for daily commutes to and from work or university.

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