Review: Ligne 8 Simone Cropped Jean

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

First Impressions

Snug fitting and a great colour, the Ligne 8 Simone Cropped Jeans are a nice dark denim. They curve around my hips pretty well (I have a 27" waist and 37" hips). The pockets are nicely placed and highlight my derriere.

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The waist is cut higher in the back, which is GREAT, since I was tired of showing off my plumbers crack when I was riding in regular jeans.

The waist isn't too tight either, which is good because when you're bent over on your bike the last thing you want is a waistband that's digging into your stomach. I could have perhaps gone up a size, as my cycling thighs were getting close to sausage territory.


- Stretch denim

- Water resistant NANOtex

- Reflective bits on the cuffs - side AND back

- High cut back

- Relaxed waist

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The Ride

I was extremely pleased to find that when I rolled up the cuffs of the Simon Cropped Jeans, there were reflective bits on both the sides and the back of the cuff - Perfect!

I also thought that it was missing a gusset, but as it turns out, the point where the 4 pieces of denim meet is actually further up than on a normal pair of jeans, so you don't get any uncomfortable points where your lady bits would interact with the saddle.

However, I regret to inform that they were not waterproof - the NANOtex didn't pull through. 10 minutes into a London shower my thighs were wet and I could feel the water dripping down my calf. And they were so close to 5 stars!

Verdict: Overall, I'm really digging the Simone Cropped Jeans. They're stylish AND utilitarian. I think they're going to become my go-to pair of jeans, regardless of their lack of water resistance.

Price: £83.00, available from Ligne8.