The 'why didn’t I think of that?’ innovation that turns a skirt into shorts just got better, and there’s a crowdfunding campaign to help continue development.

[related_articles]Penny in Yo’ Pants launched last year with a simple concept – place a penny piece behind your skirt, and hold it in place with an elastic band.

The video supporting the idea gained 3.4 million views and was featured on BuzzFeed, BBC News and Cosmopolitan.

However, user feedback suggested that more work needed to be done – the elastic band wasn’t quick to apply or remove, and sometimes damaged clothing.


The new design features a 5mm faux leather puck and a branded aluminium steel coin (which can be replaced with any coin if lost). Designed to be attractive and stylish, the Puck doubles up as a broach when not in use.

puck scarf

The crowdfunding campaign, hosted by Indegogo, seeks to raise £5,000. You can dontate cash, buy one Penny in Yo' Pants Puck and Coin for £5, or three for £12.

With every unit sold, Penny in Yo' Pants will donate 5% to the Afghan Women's Cycle Team, to help them continue to train and race.

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