Making sure your bike is in top shape running smoothly will save you a trip to the bike shop and a few pennies here and, there.

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We've got some rather cost-effective tricks of the trade up our sleeves that will help to keep your bike the happy, healthy strong machine it should be without spending a fortune.


When your tyres are starting to look like they need to be changed, try swapping them around. The rear tyre generally wears out much quicker than the front because it has to hold more weight.

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If you change them around you will be able to squeeze a bit more time out of the front tyre before it's time to say goodbye to them both!


Your brake pads could be hiding a lot of unwanted bits of debris and dirt that can cause the pads to wear down more quickly than usual.

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So, to save you forking out on another pair too soon, remove anything on the pads using a sharp object.


It may be really, really, really obvious but a clean bike is a happy bike. If you clean your steed regularly your components will work a lot better, without any rust, dust or debris getting in the way.

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You don't need much to do this, just some standard bike wash, a bucket, a sponge and some warm water will do the job. It also gives you a better chance to get up close and personal to your bike, allowing you to spot anything that could potentially go wrong.


Keeping your bike chain clean is critical to maintaining its performance. But forget old rags and money wasting bike chain-cleaners. Do you know what does the job impeccably? Two toothbrushes.

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Cleaning your chain with a toothbrush is a standard bike maintenance procedure most cyclists know, they work well to clean between the links you can't reach. But just take a good look at this photo and realise the potential there is to be made when using two...


Every cyclist has most likely endured a stuck seat post before, you know the ones that will not budge an inch and, have seized up with debris and rust over the years?

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To ensure this doesn't happen to your precious steed, invest in something like this, applying a good amount to your seatpost after giving it a thorough clean.


It might not seem like this solves a specific problem but making sure everything's properly secure in place on your bike is a great habit to get into.

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Get the multi-tool out and have a quick 10 minute session before a ride. Tighten all the nuts and bolts on your bike, checking that nothing is too loose or looks like it needs to be replaced. You never know what problems on your bike you could find when doing so!