Helmets are a funny topic, although we all know that their job is to keep us safe on the roads, there's always something to be said with the style and look of them.

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We had a hunt around for some flattering, fun and funky commuter helmets to give you more options of what you can wear whilst out on the bike. These helmets, with eye catching and striking designs will definitely set you apart from the crowds.


Nutcase are a brand that have made their stamp in the market for making helmets with bold and exciting designs. Their Spirits in the Sky helmet has a lovely vibrant look to it, with handy 360 reflective features and a soft chin pad to prevent any chaffing on the skin.

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Built with a durable ABS shell, and protective EPS inner foam lining, its nifty magnetic buckle makes things just that little bit easier when taking it off. You will stay on top form no matter what the weather does, due to the helmets generous back and top venting and removable visor!

It also features crumple zone channels, which will help to disperse energy in an event of a crash, meaning less impact to you.

Sizes: S, M.

Price: £48.00, available from Nutcase.


How adorable is this cute kitten commuter helmet? Belle Helmets create artistic ink and acrylic painted helmets which are truly one of a kind pieces. So if you want a helmet to stand you out from the crowd, this could be it.

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Using a UV protected varnish to ensure no rain or scratches damage the surface, it comes with adjustable foam pads to give you the right, snug fit.

And did we mention that every single one of their helmets is hand painted? Awesome.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL.

Price: £58.00, available from Belle Helmets.


We saw this helmet last year at Eurobike and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. Helmets don't get much more awesome than this. Its gold, sparkly and has lightening bolts on it! Our inner child is just leaping out...

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With a perfectly round shape to it, the Bell Segment has been constructed from an ABS hard plastic shell with EPS foam segments. It features eight squared vents to ensure you can feel the breeze when things start to get a little to stuffy!

Sizes: S, M,L.

Weight: 410g.

Price: £34.99 (RRP £33.24), available from ChainReactionCycles.


Melon have made a name for themselves for making fun and funky commuter helmets, and this one is an instant hit with the TWC team. And if you're liking the polka dots, there are endless accessories across the market to match with it!

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Built with a hi-tech mold construction, Melon have been able to make the helmet 30% lighter than other standard hard shell helmets, with it coming it at just 250g.

Using a strong EPS inner shell for high impact protection, you'll be sure to feel the breeze on your commute with the helmets 12 air vents and washable Coolmac pads which will wick the sweat and, keep the helmet fresh.

Featuring a removable visor available in six funky colours to protect your eyes from the sun, it also features a nifty Fidlock magnetic buckle.

Sizes: S, M, L. Weight: From 250g. Price: £35.99 (RRP £39.99), available from CycleStore.


Lazer make some killer commuter helmets, and this one certainly jumps out right at you. With a sleek and elegant skater shape to it, we love the chrome mirrored shell on this one, which has become quite a prominent trend in fashionable cycling helmets.

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Built from a Technopolymer injected construction, with multiple thickness padding for the perfect fit, its 16 cooling vents will keep you feeling as fresh as a daisy however tough your commute may be.

And don't those lime green straps add such a lovely summery touch?

Weight: 450g

Price: £49.98, available from Tredz.


Sawako Furuno has made her mark in the industry for creating fashion forward helmets for city cyclists, with prominent eye catching and quirky designs. And her Floral Midnight Blue is the perfect summer style helmet, perfect for matching with a floral dress!

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As well as looking like a work of art to wear on your head, it will keep you cool whilst riding with its 11 air vents and keep the sun from your eyes with its small peaked visor. There's only one size available for this one (52-58cm) but the adjuster at the back will work to fit you just fine.

Sizes: M.

Price: £79.00, available from Sawako Furuno.


We couldn't write a funky commuter helmet piece without including the mighty Bern, adored by so many sports enthusiasts. The Limited Edition Watts Skyline is a little different from their existing range, drawing on a more artistic focus and is truly their most unique looking helmet.

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Built from a burley high impact shell with expanded polystyrene hard foam and comfortable sponge padding, there's plenty of top and back air vents to keep you ventilated. This one's a unisex helmet, so watch out for sizing!

Sizes: M, L, XL.

Weight: 447g.

Price: £49.99, available from Cycle Chic.