I’m a bit torn about waterproof trousers for cycling. The smallest distance I ride is the 13k commute to work, so I always fear a boil in the bag situation. And I remain torn – but not because of the getting too hot part.

First up, the waterproof-ness. I tested these in the rain many times, to and from work. They’re warm, they keep the rain out – and the spray at the cuff and they’re high enough at the back not to cause ‘fleshpeep’. Pleasingly, they don’t get too hot – just a bit sweaty at the back of the knees. Then I took it a step further and performed the soggiest ritual short of going swimming: washing your bike in the bath. I took the bike apart, hopped in and turned the shower on. They stood up to the challenge – not a drop went through the fabric and the cuffs, which are close, but not tight to the ankle, didn’t breach. I haven’t really had enough time to repeatedly test the fabric in the rain, so I’m not sure whether it’ll lose its waterproofing – but I have washed them and they still work.

Waterproof Your Commute: Waterproof Cycling Gear (and Cheap Cheats!)


[related_articles] If you want a pair of reliable waterproof trousers for riding medium distances, then these would be a good bet – I have to say, I do like the reflective detail, that’s helpful. But they’re not flattering, on or off the bike so you have to be one of those people that doesn’t care – which when you’re too busy safely navigating London traffic like I was, you might just be.

Price: £59.99 (RRP £79.99), available from Tenn.