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The Pure Lime Evolution Bike Capri Pants not only perform on value but also rival the more expensive and established cycling brands on comfort in the saddle.

Knowing full well that comfort in the saddle directly correlates to enjoyment (or lack thereof) of the ride, I was a little sceptical on setting out on a 100km+ ride in a pair of leggings I’d never worn before, by a brand of which, I’d never even heard of (although it appears to be big in Denmark).

I needn't have been worried; despite the padding feeling relatively thin compared to some of my other shorts, the Evolution Bike Capri Pants were perfectly comfortable, leaving me to enjoy the ride instead of worrying about my sore bottom.

Looks wise, no complaints – the thinner padding makes the “nappy effect" slightly less obvious than your average bibshorts, although the quality of the material didn’t seem quite as luxurious as the expensive brands, this is to be expected given the massive price differential.

Whilst I have previously failed to see the point of “three quarter length" anything – I have to say, the Evolution Bike Capri Pants have converted me - the knee coverage was very welcome in the early morning! Size-wise, don’t be tempted to err on the side of caution, clearly Pure Lime isn’t a purely cycling specific brand, so they have not embraced the skin tight /aero fit preferred by the established brands.

In addition, don’t be lured by the branding, as after two standard washes, the logo was illegible, having washed off. In addition, after one wash the waist band had got twisted and by the third wear, the leggings were feeling slightly baggy around the waistband and knees.

So, be under no illusion, Rapha or Asoss quality, the Evolution Bike Capri Pants are not. However, for the cost, these leggings undoubtedly represent fantastic value, particularly given the comfort they provide in the saddle and the inoffensive style.

Price: £33.30, available from Simple Sweat.

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