Polaris capri1

At a first glance these are a neat little pair of capris aimed – I assume - at the commuter market. The cut is more fashion/leisure wear than serious bikewear, and they’re unpadded. So more suited to short distances, perhaps. In theory you could pop these over a pair of padded shorts or knickers but in practice you’d need a very different bodyshape to me.

The fit and cut of these is completely wrong for me. The waist sits super-high and is very tight for a size 12. It also drags the gusset up, leading to an uncomfortable camel-toe. And the light material over white sports shorts unfortunately equals major VPL.

I really don’t want to be 100% negative about these capris and in fairness to Polaris I do find it extremely hard to even find ordinary trousers or capris that fit well, let alone cycling-specific clothing.

If you’re of the right body shape – hourglass as opposed to strong and athletic - these could be a nice little addition to a summer commuter’s wardrobe. The capris are light and have a touch of stretch, and feature a very narrow reflective trim at the sides and a zipped pocket at the front hip. In a basic unfussy style, these could be smart enough for a day at work. You could certainly wear these at the weekend, and hop on and off the bike without having to change.

The ‘urban’ bikewear category is a difficult one for brands to crack for women. It’s hard to create something functional that also has fashion credentials. This is a nice attempt by Polaris and you can’t really go wrong with black pants – unless you’re shaped like me, of course.


Try before you buy


Neat and simple design


Touch of stretch


Fit does not flatter an athletic build

Waist very high and feels tight


Price: £44.99, Available from Polaris.

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