I am always on the lookout for good baselayers and the Odlo Evolution Light which is designed for year round use, is rather nice.

Made from “effect" fibres which contain silver ions to minimise the growth of bacteria and having “seamlessly integrated ventilation" the top is designed for the feeling of freshness which I have to say it does very well indeed.

Having worn it for both mountain biking and teaching yoga in a hot sweaty room I have felt very comfortable and surprisingly fresh and definitely noticed the lack of smell that synthetic base layers usually give off rather quickly (which is why I quite often stick to merino).

Looks wise this top has a great length - coming to mid-hip so nicely covering up the lower back. It is a very snug fitting top and does cling to the contours of your body thus revealing all the curves (and lumps and bumps!) which most of the time wouldn’t matter as this would be underneath another top.

The Odlo Evolution Light Baselayer sleeves are a nice length too, coming halfway down the upper arm. Not being a massive fan of pink mountain bike wear I actually don’t mind the colour - it being more of a salmon pink its really quite alright although I have had the feeling that my face has turned the same colour as my top while out riding a few times!

My Verdict

I love it, it does what it says on the tin!


Super comfy, keeps you fresh all day.


Very clingy fabric if not wearing anything over the top.

Price: £35.00, available from Zalando.


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