Review: Ligne 8 Simone Cropped Jean

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

First impressions:

I'm really digging the Ligne 8 Camille Tee's stripes, it's very Breton. The fabric however, feels a bit polyester-y to me, and I'm usually a fan of merino.

The fit:

The body of the shirt fits nicely - not too tight or loose. The arms, however, are a bit snug. I don't think I have big arms, so it's a bit annoying.

There are super cool thumb holes in the Ligne 8 Camille Tee cuffs, but since the arms are also just a tad short, the thumb holes pull my thumbs back, which is annoying. Maybe I should have gone a size up (I tested a small), but then the body would be a bit too big.

The features:

- Cool Pique fabric - UV protection

- Thumb holes

- Raglan sleeves - more comfortable movement

- Zippered pocket on the back

- Right side reflective patch

- Lower cut in the back - covers your bum better

The ride:

Despite the Ligne 8 Camille Tee arms being snug, the jersey performed well. It kept me warm without being sweaty, but after a day's wear, there was no way I was going to wear it again without washing it, (a feature I appreciate about merino wool.)

The reflective bit is on the right rear side, which makes it easier to see by passing traffic in countries where we ride on the left (i.e. the UK). I really enjoyed the look of this top. I wore it under an orange v-neck sweater, and would catch glances of myself throughout the day, thinking "who's that chic chick?" and then realise it was me.

The verdict: It works as a stylish top that is secretly bike friendly. Not something to take on long rides though.

Price: £43.00, available from Ligne8.