penny in yo pants

Commuting by bike in 'regular clothes' can often be a challenge. And let's face it commuting in a skirt can often be a complete nightmare. There is nothing worse than flashing your pants to the general public as you mount your bike! You could always opt in for wearing a cycling skit, but they aren't the most stylish pieces of clothing.

Here at TWC, we love to bring you good news. And for skirt loving cyclists, this news might well be life changing (well maybe we exaggerate a little!). Penny in Yo' Pants is a revolutionary concept that transforms a skirt into cycling friendly apparel. And better still - all you need is a penny and a rubber band. It is genius.

This is how Penny in Yo' Pants Works:

1. Grab a penny and an elastic band.

2. Push the penny from the back to the front of your skirt (between your legs) to form a button.

3. Wrap the band around the button so it is secure.

4. Hey presto, your skirt is now bike friendly.

If you are baffled by these instructions, check out the video:

If you're looking for stylish cycling friendly apparel for your commute, have a read of our guide on How to Not Look Like a Typical Cyclist and take a peek at our Saddle Style series for some wardrobe inspiration:

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