Hooray! Did we think we would ever see the day?

Women’s cycling has come a long way, but it’s still unfair that men have always seemed to have a better range of clothing in the trouser department. Urban cycling brands like Muxu, SWRVE (we’ve actually heard that their jeans fit ladies really well) and Levis seem to have forgotten that ladies also want to wear jeans when cycling.

And why wouldn't we? Jeans are functional both on and off the bike and are the best piece of staple clothing anyone could have in their wardrobe. That same pair of trusty jeans can complete any outfit and can easily be dressed up or dressed down.

But don’t worry, there are still some options out there for us. We’ve had our eyes peeled for the best women's specific cycling jeans out there, and when we mean best, we mean the only ones that we could find. And that’s five pairs. Five pairs of women’s specific cycling jeans in the entire women’s cycling market.

And if you're not sold by the idea of cycling in jeans and think that they're not suited for riding in, just remind yourself that they were originally designed for cowboys!

Have we missed any out? Get at us via Twitter and let us know!


The extension of Rapha’s clothing range has been pretty impressive and the introduction of their women's commuter jean and stylish leggings has been well received in the TWC office.

Their women's specific cycling jean has a skinny cut and hugged fit and, doesn’t scream ‘cycling’- looking like any other type of jean you may have in your wardrobe. Developed for people who are always on the move, they’ve been made with a hardwearing denim to prevent any unwanted rips and snags. This material is also stain resistant, helping to keep those those inevitable mud and grease stains from staying put on your £130 pair of jeans.

As with all Rapha bike wear, they are complete with their signature pink reflective logos and trim on the inside leg, giving urban riders some added extra visibility. They’re also fast drying, great for when the weather turns ugly, because there’s nothing worse than wet jeans (especially trying to get them off at the end of the day).

Price: £150.00, available from Rapha.


When a company have “sourced a premium Japanese denim from a historic mill, noted for their weaving and dyeing techniques" you know that they’re jeans are going to be good.

Made from a stretch denim to give you less restriction on the bike, they’ve been developed with a special NANOtex technology. This means that even after the buckets of rain hit you, the water will simple roll off the fabric.

If you’re not a fan of the slim cut jean, then these should be just up your street, giving a much more relaxed fit, great for people who like to roll their jeans up their calf when on the bike. They’re also cropped and have a higher cut at the back, with a contoured waistband. This way, they will actually stay put on your back whilst riding, because no one likes an unwanted draft or builder’s bottom during their morning commute. Another super cool feature we love is the anti-chafing gusset in the inside of the jean!

Finished off with reflective logos and trim, these are the top dog of all commuter jeans, with a much more affordable price tag than the rest.

Expect a review of these from us very soon!

Price: £82.00, available from Ligne 8.


Australian cycling street wear brand Creux have been on our radar for quite some time. Although they don’t have a large range of women’s bike wear clothing available, they’ve done something pretty special for us female cyclists.

Managing to be one full step ahead of the game, Creux have created a women’s specific cycling jean, built with a 2mm chamois. Genius. The chamois have been designed to follow the contours of the jean, to prevent that horrible bunching effect downstairs.

Made from a lightweight material, with 2% lycra to help with mobility ease on the bike. The jeans also use a magical Schoeller Nanosphere technology, which basically means that any dirt or water you find yourself battling on your way home, will simply run of the denim.

They’ve also been made with a higher cut at the back and with lower pockets than most jeans, to avoid your saddle from rubbing against them and destroying their beautiful embroidery!

Price: £98.00, available from Victor and Liberty.


The name of these jeans itself alone makes them sound like the ultimate jean for commuters.

Made with 3% lycra, the jeans have been made to improve your pedal power on the bike and have a super slim skinny cut. This cut is great for cyclists as it means there’s less material to interfere with your bicycle and your pedalling.

The Beta Brand Back to Work Jeans are in our eyes the best in terms of style and reflectivity. The women's specific cycling jean has been designed with reflective zips at the ankles, which really pop when the light hits them, and a reflective triangle flag at the back. This flag hangs of your pocket so it’s always visible even when your bottom is seated on the saddle. There’s even a nifty zipped coin pocket on the waist!

Available in black, grey and a rusty orange colour (great for autumn rides) we love the groovy polka stitching on the inside, which makes them that little bit more special than any other jean you probably own.

Bet Brand recommend that if you, like most of us, are in-between sizes, to chosen the size down to give you just the right fit.

Price: £49.00 (RRP £75.00), available from Beta Brand.


Brooklyn based urban cycle wear brand, Outlier, have a small but great collection of smart commuter clothes for us ladies to wear on the bike. Although their Outlier Daily Riding Pant is not made from typical denim material, but instead a comfortable stretchy cloth, they’re still jeans!

And like the rest on this list, the product ahs been made with a "self-cleaning" Nanosphere treatment, which keeps water and dirt (they also state coffee, wine and beer) at bay. This fabric is also super quick drying, so if you find yourself caught in showers, expect them to be free from any moisture within just 15 minutes!

If you’re the active type who finds that their clothes constantly rip and snag then this jean may be just right for you. These are made with a breathable double weave structure, so expect a durable long-wearing item of clothing here.

Hooray, there’s more on offer than just black and blue colour ways, with an exciting olive and red style to choose from. And we highly recommend that you also take a look at their Slimmer Dunagerees Pant after reading this, they look awesome.

Price: £126.00, available from Outlier.