Some days, you get drenched. You just get caught in one of those biblical rain showers. And it may only happen a few times a year, but if you've ever experienced that unique cold, damp sensation, then you'll know that you never want it to happen again.

The answer? Waterproof trousers, of course. If your minds eye is currently thinking of the glorified plastic bags you tied around your legs when doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award... well yeah that's pretty much what they are.

But there are now some aimed at cyclists, with a female-specific cut, that try as best as possible to keep things dry AND breathable. They tend to have large openings so you can stick them on over your clothes, as well as attention-grabbing reflective bits.

Unfortunately they are fairly utilitarian objects, with black or occasionally yellow being the height of your choices.

Because of how dull that sounds, we've stuck in a few examples here of commuter trousers that are water-resistant rather than totally proofed, as well as similarly protective garments that look more like traditional cycling leggings. We wanted to provide more variety in our list, so we've clearly marked which items below are not entirely waterproof.

Gore Element Gore-Tex Ladies Waterproof Pant

We like how these Gore Element Gore-Tex Ladies Waterproof Pant take a more measured approach to the idea of using flouro colours on their waterproof overtrousers.

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These ones are lightweight, meaning you can pop them in your bag on a 'just-in-case' day, cut with the female figure in mind, and, of course, wind and waterproof.

dhb Flashlight Waterproof Overtrouser

These dhb Flashlight Waterproof Overtrousers are a great buy for those looking for a tiny bit of artistry in their waterproof leggings: we're a big fan of dhb's flashlight pattern for it's reflective panels.

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We also really like the inclusion of an Aquaguard™ pocket so we don't have to worry about the potential water-logging of our smartphone.

Odlo Women's Cushion Tights

[related_articles] These Odlo Women's Cushion Tights are not completely waterproof, but they do have a hardy DWR treatment coating (which means they will be waterproof until after a few washes, or extended periods of use).

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Therefore these are a great option if you're a fan of a legging rather than a baggy over-trouser: fantastic for those of you who do a lot of road riding and want a piece of kit that can do a rainy commute or a stormy weekend training session.

Altura Women's Night Vision Overtrousers

The Altura Night Vision jacket is the most popular piece of commuter wear on the market, and these Altura Women's Night Vision Overtrousers will provide more of the same if you're a fan of it's high-visibility sibling.

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They've got a generous fit over pulling over your normal clothes, womens-specific multi-panel cut and adjustable leg length. Great for the smaller ladies out there!

vulpine cotton rain trousers

These Vulpine Women's Cotton Rain Trousers are not fully waterproof, but they could be ideal if you're the kind to get the bus on the most stormy days.

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They are water resistant, breathable, and of course more fashionable than most of the other options on this list. Perfect for spring showers. Read our full review here.


The rainwrap from Georgia in Dublin may look a little odd on this list, but believe us when we say it is the most ideal product for wet weather riding.

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A great alternative to wearing waterproof trousers, you can pop this rainwrap over your everyday clothes. This way you don't have to change out of anything when you get to your destination.

It's high waisted, can be used on bikes with crossbars and even doubles up as a handy blanket to sit on the wet grass (think festivals and picnics ladies).

Madison Prima Womens Trousers

These Madison Prima Womens Trousers are cheap, plain and do exactly what they are meant to do: keep you dry. They look much more like workwear than some of the other items on this list, but if you're after performance without any frills, these are the ones.

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We particularly like the zips on the ankles, making them easy to remove without taking off your shoes.

Endura Gridlock II Women's Trouser

Again, these Endura Gridlock II Women's Trousers will provide you with all the waterproof protection you require in a subtle, all-black package.

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They have reflective elements to help keep you safe on the road, along with poppers at the bottom for easy removal and durable inner ankle panels.

Altura Nevis Waterproof Cycling Trousers

Waterproof and breathable, these Altura Nevis Waterproof Cycling Trousers will keep you protected from wind and rain for an insanely cheap price.

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They have a lower-leg adjuster so you can close any gaps between skin and sleet, and they come with the standard reflective elements to ensure you are visible when conditions get dark.

dhb Mono Hi Viz Waterproof Overtrouser

If you're not a fan of black you could always go for the total opposite: these dhb Mono Hi Viz Waterproof Overtrouser will certainly not go unseen when you're heading down the road.

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They have a tailored fit to minimise on bulk, reflective elements to help keep you safe, and of course they're wind and waterproof keep you from the worst of the elements.