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Packing a bag for your commute can be quite a struggle sometimes. Especially if you're planning to stay out for the night, or are going out for drinks after work, there's often never enough room for anything more than your lunch, clothes and a pair of shoes!

There are plenty of ways to carry your load on your bike, you just need to find the right commuter bag for you.

[part title="Pannier Bags"]


Pannier bags are great because you can hop on your saddle without having to lug anything on your back. You can almost forget about this style of commuter bag whilst cycling as they are kept out of the way.

The downfalls are that not every bike is pannier rack compatible and the bag can't be opened and accessed easily on the go. If you're looking for something to hold larger items then the pannier bag is your best bet.

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[part title="Baskets"]


Baskets are great for casual cyclists, who are wanting some extra room for their belongings. A lot of cyclists find them useful for carrying their handbags or shopping.

Although traditionally made from wicker, you can opt for a metal frame with a mesh basket bottom for something more sturdy. A downfall is that most of them will not offer any protection from the elements. If you commute in all-weather, you may want to consider a waterproof basket cover.

[part title="Rucksack"]


Carrying our belongings on our backs is something we're all familiar with, but finding a strong commuter rucksack that can hold a lot can be a bit of a trial and error process. Read up on reviews before spending a fortune and buy one that's made specifically for cycling to ensure it will do the job.

Although it's a great option, carrying heavy items on your back can get in the way of your cycling, especially your performance and comfort which is why people opt for commuter bags that attach to the bike and evenly disperse the weight onto it.

Read up on our Five of the Best Rucksacks for Cycle Commuting before buying.

[part title="Messenger Bag"]


Messenger bags are worn over one shoulder, with many cycling specific ones coming with a strap to attach round your waist to prevent it from moving position when cycling.

They put most of the weight onto your lower back and unlike rucksacks, you can easily access the contents using one free hand. A lot of them incorporate features that are great for cyclists; phone holders, lock holders and quick release buttons.

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[part title="Handlebar Bag"]


For transporting small goods handlebar bags are the best commuter bag option for you. They evenly disperse the weight onto the handlebars and are easily attached and removed, usually by a strap buckle or Velcro.

We think they are great for storing handy tools in or the contents of your handbag if you're just going for a quick spin to the shops.

Check out Downtown Rider for some great stylish handlebar bags.

[part title="Saddlebag"]


Saddlebags are pretty much the same as a handlebar bag, but fit nicely underneath the saddle and stay completely out of the way of your cycling.

They are great as they're lightweight, affordable and easily accessed, great for touring holidays.

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