Mudguards are great, but if you've just invested a bomb on a beautiful bicycle, then you'll not want to mess up the smooth lines and gorgeous angles of your steed by putting mudguards on it. Or if you've got a road bike, you may not even have the mounts on your frame necessary for more permanent guards.

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That's why removable mudguards are excellent for giving you the freedom to transition your bike from it's winter to summer wardrobe. Perfect for this strange spring weather we've been having!

ass savers

The ever-popular Ass Saver Original is a lovely piece of kit: it may not have the best coverage, but it's well-designed and will keep a good amount of road slime off your butt during a damp morning ride.

They slip in under your saddle with total ease, meaning it's easy to keep one in your backpack until you find yourself in need. Also, it's still the best-named product in cycling.

Crud RoadRacer Mk2 Mudguard Set

Removable mud guards for road bikes can be a difficult thing to find – especially if you need a generous amount of coverage. The Crud RoadRacer Mk2 Mudguard Set is well-loved, mainly because of the generous length of the rear guard. If you do a lot of club cycling, these guards will keep the person riding behind you very happy.

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The set is also super easy to attach and you don't need mudguard mounts on your bike to do so.

mucky nuts

Mountain bikers know how annoying and potentially dangerous getting mud in your eyes can be, and that's why this Mucky Nutz Face Fender could make a big difference to your downhill riding.

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Again, the coverage afforded by this piece of plastic is by no mean's full. But for the price and the effort to attach it to your bike, you couldn't get a much more efficient means of keeping the dirt out of your face.

Topeak Defender Mudguard Set M1:M2

This Topeak Defender Mudguard Set M1/M2 utilises a quick release system so you can easily remove them on sunnier days. A great option for commuters or tourers who want front and back coverage for when the conditions close in!

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RapidRacerProducts Neoguard Evil Eyes

Another interesting design for mountain bikes, this RapidRacerProducts Neoguard Evil Eyes guard sits in an unconventional place in order to prevent mud flying in your face.

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It also throws the mud off every time the fork compresses, keeping your bike light. We like how it's super easy to attach with velcro and will fit a wide range of mountain bike forks.

SKS Race Blade Clip On Mudguard Set

They don't provide cover that's as generous as the Crud's, but this SKS Race Blade Clip On Mudguard Set will do a very good job of keeping you dry (and there's more of a chance they'll match your bike, with three colour options).

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Getting them on and off is tool free, and they weigh in at a combined weight of only 225g.

the pro shroud

THE Pro Shroud goes under the down tube, like this, meaning that it's another great option for mountain bikers who maybe have forks incompatible with the RapidRacerProducts Neoguard, or those who ride so hard that they need multiple layers of removable-mudguard protection. Nice.

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Of course, you can always get out some scissors and general household waste in order to fashion yourself a DIY mudguard.

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The guard above is made using a regular cola bottle, but you can also use plastic folders or even multiple plastic bottles to give you more coverage. Get creative!