As the darker dreary months approach it’s even more important to ensure you’re as visible as possible on the roads. Although ordinary front and rear bike lights are an obvious necessity for commuters, there are some much more exciting ways to make sure you’re seen.

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These alternative commuter lights are giving commuters new interesting ways to brighten up their rides and will certainly get some heads turning along the way.


Blaze has been on our radar for a while and we think it’s one of the most interesting commuter lights that’s hit the market recently.

The Blaze Laserlight incorporates a standard 300 lumen front light with a built in laser which projects the symbol of a green bicycle 6 meters ahead of your bike. This way, vehicle drivers can see you in their blind spots and are notified that you’re nearby. The laser is effective in that it’s visible from multiple viewpoints, unlike standard bike lights, giving you more of a prominent presence on the road. And don’t worry about the laser itself, it’s been fully tested and isn’t harmful to the eye.

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The Laserlight is impressively fully waterproof, not just water resistant, and is made from marine-grade steel to ensure that the product never starts to rust. Weighing at 182 grams, it’s a hefty addition to your ride, which mounts easily to your handlebars. With three different settings to choose from and a whopping 13 hours of running time, it also has a smart energy mode feature which gives you four hours of extra juice when needed!

Price: £125.00, available from Blaze. (Also featured in Christmas Gift Guide: Urban Cycling Gifts for Women)


We love wearable technology in the TWC office and we were pretty excited when this futuristic, superhero looking gadget arrived on our desks. The Commuter X4, is a unique and smart light which goes over your backpack or commuter clothing, featuring a large prominent round light at the back.

This powerful light is in the centre of four fibre optic (and reflective when the light isn’t in use) straps which light up, giving you maximum visibility on the roads from behind and, from the sides.

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The kickstarter funded Commuter X4 gives cyclists extra confidence, knowing that they’re doing everything they can to be seen on the road. It was even designed after the inventor of the light himself was knocked off his bike while cycling in central London.

The light itself is water resistant and rechargeable, and is all in all a pretty simple but practical gadget designed for city commuters to be used in conjunction with their primary bike lights.

Price: £44.99, available from Veglo.


You’ve probably seen a lot of funky looking wheel lights around, but these ones have really caught our attention. Although the light is only 40 lumens, it’s a great way to add visibility and an element of fun to your ride.

With four different coloured LED lights at work, the M204 Monkey Lights are both waterproof and durable, having been made from a solid rugged construction with a vibration proof 3 point mount. These lights will stay put, however bumpy the ride may be!

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With a 360 degree visibility, there’s no way you won’t be seen by other road users. Giving off an impressive 60 hours of battery life (yep, these aren’t high-tech enough to be rechargeable), and with 5 fun modes to be chosen from, we think these alternative commuter lights would be a great addition to any ride.

Make sure to check out Monkey Lights full range of products, for some pretty amazing digital light art in a multitude of impressive shapes and animations.

Price: £21.90, available from Amazon.