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The Very Best of Bern Helmets

Bern have released some of the most interesting helmets in the market, each with their own distinct finishing touch and design. From matte to satin gloss and gold straps to turquoise removable visors, their helmets span almost every colour from the palette.

have managed to construct bold, fashionable helmets that aren't bulky, which people actually want to wear! From Berkley to Lenox and Brighton to Watts, each helmet has its own personalised name.

And whichever style helmet from their ever growing range you know to expect great design and performance and, a load of super useful hidden features.

Want to pop into a shop and chose your own? Everyone Bikes stocks a great range of Bern helmets!

[part title="The Bern Berkley Bicycle Helmet"]


According to Bern, the Berkley is their most popular helmet. And by the looks of things, they sure aren’t telling porkies. Bern Berkley hats are worn by women everywhere! With the Berkley, There’s no need to change your helmet for the seasons either, as the Berkley has been designed to suit all weather types.

Because the helmet has been constructed from from Bern’s exclusive zipmold foam, they have been able to produce a design that’s feels lighter and has a lower profile on the head. Now isn’t that what every commuter wants in a helmet?

Complete with an adjustable visor, the helmet comes in a multitude of funky colourways but the sleek black finish with minimal pink detail is one of our favourites.

Price: £64.99, available from RX Sport.

[part title="The Bern Lenox"]


The Bern Lenox, the Bern Watts sister design, is the perfect fashion forward helmet for commuters, having been designed to have an even smaller shell than their usual products, giving you an extra snug fit. The helmets shell has a visor molded onto it, unlike their usual material adjustable and removable visors, giving the design a sleeker shape.

The helmets 7 ventilation holes will be feeling as a fresh as a daisy all day long and separate inner linings can additionally be purchased (as seen in the above photo)to suit the weather. With an array of exquisite colours to choose from, the matt turquoise is TWC's favourite.

Price: £50.00, available from Halfords.

[part title="Bern Berkley Zip Mold"]


The Bern Berkley Zip Mold carries a much rounder, skate style shape for cyclists who are also looking for a helmet which can be used for both cycling and skateboarding.

For extra warmth, if needed additional inner linings can be purchased, which have been cleverly designed to enable you to be able to listen to your music whilst pedalling away. If you’re wanting the Bern statement chic visor, you can also easily pop one onto this shell!

Featuring easily adjustable straps and a comfortable chin strap, the Berkley Zip Mold adjusts to fit you perfectly.

Price: £64.99, available from Evans Cycles.

[part title="Bern Brighton"]


The Bern Brighton features a slightly larger shell, with a 9 ventilation holes, giving you just the right amount of breeze on your journey.

With two goggle clips for a customised fit and a removable visor, it also features an expanded polystyrene hard foam interior for high impact protection.

And if you purchase Bern’s All Season Liners, you can also wear it to the slopes!

Price: £35.80, available from Bern.

[part title="Bern Watts"]


The Bern Watts has been heavily inspired by the iconic skate lifestyle. Complete with top and back vents for a balanced airflow, the Watts promises to shield and protect you from the sun, rain and harsh wind so you can keep entirely focused on the road.

Although it’s a men’s helmet design, it’s great for female cyclists who may be put off by Bern’s infamous girly colour palette. You can purchase this one in a multitude of darker, earthier matte colourways including blue, grey, dark green and navy. There’s even enough room for a cycling cap or beanie (for those bitter mornings) to be worn underneath this one.

Price: £49.00, available from Tweeks Cycles.

[part title="Bern Brentwood"]


Yep. This may be another men’s helmet but we all know that sometimes men’s cycling kit and accessories can be often be more appealing than some of the female colour options. Complete with Bern’s liquid foam injection system means they have been able to create yet another compact volume helmet which doesn’t weight a tonne either.

The Brentwood design features a sleek removable visor, nifty sunglass channels and 360 degree air vents for a cooler ride.

As well as being a core accessory, the matte black colourway won’t make you stick out like a sore thumb and can go with possibly every outfit.

Price: £65.00.

Best Price: £48.75, available from Leisure Lakes Bikes.

[part title="Bern Brighton Safety Crash Helmet"]


Bern’s roundest helmet offering, the Brighton Safety Helmet is fit for any cyclist with a passion for other sports and has been designed for athletes who are not into wearing helmets (primarily skaters).

Bern state that by using multiple impact breathable Brock Foam, this particular design keeps riders extremely coo and dry at all times through the foams anti-absorption material which is able to quickly shake of any moisture. This intelligent foam is also great for multiple impacts, so if you’ve had a slight collision or fall, the foam will return back to its original shape after!

Price: £44.95, available from Power Kite Shop.

[part title="Bern Muse"]


The Bern Muse has been adapted from the men’s Bern Baker, one of their most popular men’s specific helmets, which has since been used by many high profile athletes. With a patented peak, it will do all the work in shielding you from the sun and rain.

What makes this Bern design so different from the rest of the bunch is that there is not one air vent in site, making it a popular stylish accessory for the leisure riders and commuters. The inside liners can also be easily removed, washed and popped back on!

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