The Siva Atom works in the same way as a dynamo and will aloow you to charge electronic devices on the go

Whether it’s arriving out of the office late and after dark and realising that you forgot to charge your bike lights or finding yourself completely lost, only to reach for your phone to check Google Maps to realise it is out of juice – we have all been there and it is a pain in the backside!

The Siva Cycle Atom Charger (£99.99) may be the answer to these common, first world problems though! Like the bicycle dynamos of old, this bike-mounted generator converts pedal power to electricity – only this sleek-looking next generation model will charge any USB gadget. Plus, it’ll even hold a charge in a removable battery pack for later use.

The Siva Cycle Atom Charger is compatible with your smartphone, bike light or GPS gadget and will recharge your device as quickly as it would from a wall socket.

siva atom 2

The lightweight unit attaches easily to your bike’s rear wheel. When you get to the end of your ride, just detach the battery pack and take it with you so there is no fear of losing it to a pesky thief.

The Atom is for the modern commuter cyclist, the urban biker, the weekend rider, the gadget lover, the green fanatic, and anyone that’s ever needed a charge on the go, it is also perfect for those who are planning a touring holiday in the near future.

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