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We've covered gorgeous commuter helmets for the fashion forward cyclist but for something a bit less glam and more road worthy, here's our top pick of the best commuter helmets in the market.

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[part title="Pro-Viz Mars"]


What’s the most important thing when commuting? Being seen by other road users of course, and with this, the Mars from Pro-Viz, you’ll considerably up your ranking in the visibility stakes. Available in pass-me-the-sunnies day-glo yellow, it’s got a rear LED to catch attention too, which is attached to the adjustable headband. With a wee vizor on the front, we’re not sure if its aim is to keep the sun’s glare, or the helmet’s own luminosity, out of your eyes. Regardless, this helmet is a bargain at £25.

Price: £24.99, available from Proviz.

[part title="Bell Presidio"]


Another bargain of a helmet, the Presidio from Bell is a great little all-round number to protect your bonce. Reliable and versatile, it has many of the features you’d expect to find a helmet twice or even three times the price, including a simple to use with one hand ErgoDial fit system and a snap-in visor. With 17 vents and weighing in at a respectable 273g, the Presidio will do a good job of keeping you fresh, while you get on with getting to yours.

Price: £29.99, available from Madison.

Best Price: £19.99, available from Fawkes Cycles.

[part title=" Torch T1"]

618_348_the-light-up-fffff-style-design-2013 (1)

And now for something a little different – about to hit these shores any day now, the Torch T1 is a Kickstarter project that’s been two years (at least) in the making. Anticipation is high because this isn’t just any ordinary helmet, this helmet has lights integrated front and back, and they’re visible from the sides too. Ten LEDs are integrated into the helmet – five front and five back – and will last up to 12 hours before needed a recharge. The T1 looks cool, and all previews suggest it is cool. We can’t wait to get our hands on one.

Price: TBC, available from Torch.

[part title="Cannondale Ryker Helmet"]


For a sleek sharp shape at an equally sharp price, the Canonondale Ryker is the helmet to plump for. Safety, of course, is its first consideration and is taken care of with Cannondale’s single-mould technology which bonds the polycarbonate outer shell with the EPS foam shell for a one-piece integrated design. Comfort comes a close second, with pads with high wicking properties to wick away sweat, and 19 vents to keep the air flowing through. Last but not least is looks, and it’s available in three colours to match any outfit.

Price: £49.99, available from Cannondale.

Best Price: £34.99, available from Evans Cycles.

[part title="Bern Watts"]


No list of commuter-friendly helmets would be complete without one of the classics from Bern. Combining design elements from skate style, the Bern Watts is the one helmet that any urban cyclist would be happy to be seen in. An update on Bern’s signature model, the Baker, the Watts has added vents cut into its tough ABS shell and EPS hard foam. Available in a multitude of colours, the integrated peaked cap sets it off a treat.

Price: £54.99, available from Bern.

Best Price: £34.99, available from Evans Cycles.

[part title="Bontrager Circuit WSD"]


Trek’s inhouse component brand Bontrager knows a thing or two about designing good kit, having been in business since the early 80s, and the Circuit WSD doesn’t let the side down. One of the few helmets to be designed specifically for women, we’re a little unclear what exactly makes it just for women, but we’ll go along with the intention. Weighing

300g and featuring 21 vents to keep you fresh, fitting is easy with Bontrager’s QuickFit strap and wicking fit pads help further to keep the temperature down.

Price: £74.99, available from Bontrager.

Best Price: £59.99, available from Cycle Surgery.

[part title="Carrera Foldable Helmet"]


Inspired by the early helmets made from padded leather panels, the Carrera Foldable helmet isn’t exactly foldable as such, more that it’s a squishable, like an accordion, and loses 5cm of its width when it’s compressed. It’s great for anyone who’s got a slightly unconventional head shape, as the way the structures fit mean they’re not rigidly set to the conventional shape. A little odd to get used to at first, it’s very well ventilated and meets all the necessary safety criteria, of course.

Price: £59.99, available from Carrera.

Best Price: £42.99, available from Koo Bikes.

[part title="Nutcase Gen3 Dots helmet"]


The latest range of helmets from Nutcase, the Gen3 has newer sizing, improved ventilation, lighter weight and better reflectivity than the previous Gen2, plus has a detachable visor, an adjustable/removable spin dial to give a snug fit and a magnetic buckle to prevent pinching. The padded soft chinstrap provides extra comfort and it comes with an additional set of foam pads so you can tweak the fit. Not only is it available in polka dots, there’s a whole multitude of other designs to choose from too.

Price: £59.95, available from Nutcase.

[part title="Giro Savant"]


We won’t judge if you have to look twice at the price of the Giro Savant helmet. It’s packed full of features, weighs in at a lightweight 238g, and is just £60. Ventilation is of the wind tunnel variety, a good thing when you’re battling the hills in the baking sun, and Giro has poured in its 20 years of experience to making sure the fit is as realistic as possible, and as easy to adjust as possible too.

Price: £59.99, available from Madison.

[part title="Specialized Propero II"]


Specialized seems to have shot itself in the foot somewhat with the Propero II. It’s less than half the price of its high-end S-Works Prevail, yet has many of the same features and

makes for a great lid at a great price, and weighing just 238g! Easily adjusted to fit with a one-handed dial at the back, the same thin DryLite nylon straps and fixed splitters as the Prevail and excellent ventilation channels make this one of the best.

Price: £70, available from Specialized.

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