polka bensimon sneaker shoe lightweight cyclit cycling orange

Every cyclist knows that going clipless is great because it makes you feel like a gazelle, but rubbish because suddenly you have to carry an extra pair of shoes everywhere you go. This is annoying.

Buying Guide: Cycling Shoes

We at TWC, feel your pain. So we've compiled a list of the best foldable, rollable, or just downright light and easily transportable shoes out there. We've tried to get a mix of shoes perfect for the pub, park and for the office so you'll never have to clip clop around again.

Toms Classics in White Canvas Abstract lightweight cycling shoes

Everyone knows that a pair of Toms is a great buy, because for each pair of shoes they sell they provide a pair for someone in need, in a vast array of countries all over the world.

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And the great news for us is that because they are made of canvas, they're super light and transportable. Squidging them in beside your lunchbox and Macbook won't damage this hardy, yet still funky, Toms Classics in White Canvas Abstract.

coco rose clapham foldable shoe cyclist cycling bag

Yes, they're pricey, but we are totally obsessed with this foldable Cocorose Clapham Black with Sequins pumps. We're particularly big fans because these shoes are more like a slipper than a ballet style pump, meaning that they're both practical and more stylish than cheaper option.

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They fold up into themselves, allowing for them to fit inside smaller bags and keeping lots of space free for the other stuff you need. We love them, and the whole Cocorose range has got us salivating.

polka bensimon sneaker shoe lightweight cyclit cycling orange

These Bensimon Orange Dots Tennis Shoes are super cute: we love them because they're a bit lighter than a Supergra shoe, but still manage to retain a somewhat classic, preppy style.

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This is a French brand that's more popular in Europe, but you can order from their website easily as long as you're willing to pay for postage (it usually works out at around a tenner). We reckon these are perfect for the summer – go from bike to kick-about in moments!

Rollasole Hi Ho Silver Lining travel foldable packable lightweight shoe cyclists bag

If you're keen on a folding shoe but aren't willing to pay the premium for Cocarosa, Rollasole is a great choice.

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We love how they roll up to a teeney tiny size. For all that flexibility, the design does suffer slightly. But if you're not too worried about how your feet look under your desk at work, these are perfect for you!

Crocs Mammoth Leopard Flats lightweight cyclist bag travel foldable shoes

WE KNOW. We know they are Crocs. We know that this is a crime against all fashion. We know. But hear us out.

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These Crocs Mammoth Leopard Flats are waterproof, hard-wearing, and incredibly light. Unlike Crocs of old, they have a lining to make them more comfortable and less sweaty. Also, these are black ballet pumps and you'd had to be foot-fetish close to your toes in order to see the tiny Crocs logo on them.

Nobody has to know.

teva original universal

In case you missed it, Teva sandals are in now. Yep, the things your German exchange student used to wear are now a bonafide fashion statement. And that's why we're recommending the timeless Teva Original Universal for your off-the-bike needs (well, in summer anyway).

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They look a bit utilitarian, but that's because they are. This is a heritage brand that's been making shoes for the outdoors for longer than I've been alive. They're also perfect if you do any cycle-touring during the holidays. #CampVibes

juju fergie purple lightweight travel foldable rollable shoes bag rucksack commuting cyclist cycling

Another blast from the past, these JuJu Fergie Jelly Sandals are the ultimate in nineties footwear, and also lightweight travel shoes.

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Here at TWC, we've had a pair of these in the bottom of our rucksack for about three years. The only problem? We keep forgetting we have them, and putting another pair of shoes in too. Alas.

converse chuck taylors pink cycling cyclist removable foldable travel lightweight shoes rucksack bag

Sometimes you just can't beat a classic. Another canvas shoe that'll take some tough love, these Converse Chuck Taylors Pink will have you in good stead whether you're having a coffee after a ride or sitting down to your desk after a tough commute.

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They also come in a large variety of colours perfect for outfit pairing. Just remember, you probably don't need a pair for every outfit.