It is time to accept that it is winter.And with it comes darker days and lower temperatures. But let's not get all down beat about that. We are made of tough stuff and so we shall go forth and ride our bikes no matter what the weather.

After all, who in their right mind wants to sit on a cramped bus with your head in somebody else's armpit. No matter what the weather, nothing comes close to as bad as that.

It is important however that you invest in some really good lights and high visibility clothing and accessories to ensure you stay safe on your daily commute. A really good addition to your commuting wardrobe is a good high vis backpack or cover. They really will pop as cars approach you and as it's unlikely you'll forget your bag in the morning, you will rarely get caught out without it.

Here are the very best high visibility backpacks and covers on the market.


If you want to be seen then this is your ticket. By day the rucksack is a modest grey, by night however you will not be missed. As soon as an external light hits you, you will become a beacon of light. Check out our review of the Proviz Reflect 360 Jacket to see how much it really pops. It really is very impressive.

The rucksack itself is pretty good too. It fits nice and snugly around the body and has ample space (30 litres) for everything you need for a day at the office. An adjustable hip and chest strap keep the bag from shifting around. The bag unfortunately is not waterproof but the water resistant fabric does hold up pretty well in a heavy shower.

Price: £69.99

Available from: Proviz

dhb-Slice-30L-Rucksack-Rucksacks-Black-NUXXX-16 (1)

If the whole luminous thing, then the dhb Slice backpack might be more your cup of tea. In a rather subdued black, this 30 litre backback in a steal at just £26.99.

The even better news, it that it will also ensure you are visible on even the darkest of nights. The large hexagonal shaped reflective detailing is a nice design touch by day but shine a light on it at night and it will shine bright.

Inside, the bag has a plethora or pockets and compartments which will assist in everyday life organisation. While the bag is not waterproof, it does have a fluro raincover which will protect your kit from the elements.

Price: £26.99

Available from: Wiggle

ortolieb velocity high vis

This fully waterproof high vis rucksack is a good option for those who want a reliable pack that will last a lifetime.

Ortlieb is a brand designed to last, and it does live up to its reputation. This 20 litre pack is not the biggest in the world but should fit the essentials.

Elsewhere a padded back and anatomically shaped straps with additional chest and hip straps ensure it will be comfy when riding too and from the office.

Price: £80

Available from: Wiggle


Designed for the commuter, this backpack features multiple reflective graphics that are visible from all angles. With 25 litres of capacity the bag is equipped with a zipped main compartment and zipped front pocket with an array of smaller pockets that will help to keep your life that little bit more organised. In addition to this there is a clear pocket on the front of the bag which an LED light can be stowed in for additional visibility.

On the bike, the bag is super comfortable thanks to padding in all of the main contact areas. There are also two zipped pockets on the hip straps for easy access.

The Polaris Radar Backpack is available in black and high visibility yellow.

Price: £49.99

Available from: Polaris

rapha backpack

If you are looking to splash out on your backpack then this is well worth consideration. The Rapha Backpack is a sleek and streamlined looking pack that has been designed with the commuter in mind.

First up, padded panels are positioned to sit in line with the rider's spine so it is super comfortable on. Chest and waist straps give the bag further stability on your back.

Pockets wise there is a laptop compartment, outer key compartment, a sunglasses pocket, and an expandable five litre compartment.

The Rapha Backpack features reflective dots on the sides, base and straps but in addition to this there is a zip away luminous pink rain cover which features a rather large reflective Rapha logo. This bag really offers the best of both worlds - a sleek city bag, but equally offering high levels of visibility when you need it most.

Price: £150

Available from: Rapha