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Whether you are commuting to work, doing the shopping or just riding for fun and pleasure, having bicycle pannier bags can make the whole experience much nicer. No sweaty back, no achy shoulders and plenty of room to carry things. Pannier bags for bicycles come in all shapes and sizes, and happily there are plenty of gorgeous pannier graphics and colours you can choose!

These are a selection of the best bike panniers if you like your pannier bag to look beautiful as well as be functional.

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[part title="Good Ordering Bike Pannier in Forest Green"]

Good Ordering Pannier Bag

Good Ordering Bike Pannier in Forest Green

If retro cool is your thing, check out these reasonably priced and exceptionally funking looking bicycle panniers from Good Ordering. Made from a water resistant nylon with leather details there's plenty of room to store a laptop, and it converts quickly and easily into a shoulder bag.

Price: £59

Colours: Green (pictured), Chestnut, Maroon, Rust

More info: Good Ordering

[part title="New Looxs Bisonyl Double Large Bike Pannier"]

New Looxs Silver Pannier Bags

New Looxs Bisonyl Double Large Bike Pannier

How about these space-age looking pannier bags from New Looxs? They come as a joined pair, so there's plenty of room for shopping, clothes, books or whatever you fancy stashing. They are made of a strong tarpaulin material, with reflective strips to increase your visibility on the roads.

New Looxs have loads more pannier designs in their range, so whether you like flowers, polkadot, military canvas style or something more traditional, they're sure to have something of interest.

Price: 57 euros

More info: New Looxs

[part title="Basil Bloom Bike Shopper Pannier Bag"]

Basil Bloom shopper pannier bag

Basil Bloom Bike Shopper Pannier Bag

Is it a pannier bag? Is it a shopping bag? It's both! And it's gorgeously floral to boot.

With a 20litre capacity, it's big enough to carry your shopping home, it clips easily onto your pannier rack, and has shoulder straps so you can wear it as a bag. Made of a water resistant and rugged polyester, there are handy outer pockets where you can store your keys and purse.

Price: RRP £49.99

More info: Basil

[part title="FastRider Ladies Laptop Rear Pannier Bag"]

FastRider Laptop Pannier Bag

FastRider Ladies Laptop Rear Pannier Bag

Carry your laptop in style with this bicycle pannier bag from FastRider. With a 15 litre capacity, it will fit up to a 15 inch laptop, and converts to a shoulder bag when off the bike.

Price: RRP £54.99

More info: Available from JE James Cycles (and on sale)

[part title="Black and White Striped Single Pannier Bag"]

sudrobelle pannier bag

Black and White Striped Single Pannier Bag

How about getting your own hand made pannier? We love this black and white number made by Etsy seller Sudrobelle. It will be made to order, and if you don't like the black and white stripes you can choose a different fabric. The fabric has a water resistant plastic lining on the outside, and a contrasting fabric on the inside.

Price: £30

More info: Sudrobelle on Etsy

[part title="Purple Leaf Pannier Bag"]

Purple Leaf Pannier Bag

Purple Leaf Pannier Bag

This has got to be one of the most unusual and beautiful pannier bags we've ever seen. Made by hand by Etsy seller Leaflingo0o in Hungary, it comes in a range of colours but we like the purple one the best.

Made from tough cordura fabric with extra strength thread, the leaf pattern on the top flap is pretty unusual. Inside, as well as the main pocket, there is a zip pocket to fit your keys, phone and purse. There are even little reflective details too

Price: From £32.60 plus shipping

More info: Leaflingo0o on Etsy

[part title=" Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Design Pannier Bag"]

Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Design Pannier

Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Design Pannier Bag

Ortleib are one of the most established companies when it comes to pannier bag manufacturers, and rightly so. Their waterproof, rugged bags are used by couriers, long distance bicycle tourers and commuters everywhere.

But just because their panniers are highly functional doesn't mean they can't have a few nice design touches. Ortlieb always produce a range with bright colours and patterns to satisfy this demand.

The Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Design is made of waterproof material, and has reflective elements on each 20 litre bag.

Price: RRP £115

More info: Ortleib

[part title="Bobbin Bicycles Straw Pannier Bag"]

Bobbin Bicycles Straw Pannier Bag

Bobbin Bicycles Straw Pannier Bag

This pannier bag from Bobbin Bicycles doesn't just look stylish and striking, being made of straw for a stylish vintage look, it's also very practical.

It's lined with a sealed material which makes it 100% waterproof, and has a zip closure for security as well as a velcro sealed flap. Despite being made of straw it keeps it shape, so you can load it with laptop, clothes or shopping and it won't get all bulgy. Two straps make it the perfect shoulder or shopper bag so it looks just as stylish off the bike as it does on it.

Price: £55

More info: Bobbin Bicycles

[part title="Po Campo Loop Pannier Bag"]

Po Campo Loop Pannier Bag

Po Campo Loop Pannier Bag

A beautiful looking bag that attaches firmly to a pannier rack, the Po Campo Loop Pannier Bag is designed to fit tablets and 13 inch laptops, or whatever else you fancy popping in.

The weather resistant wax canvas wipes clean, and we adore the bicycle print on this model. It has zip closure, with bottle pockets on each side with reflective elements for a little bit more visibility on the roads.

It's also a vegan friendly bag, as those patches and straps are all synthetic leather, and has a lifetime warranty.

Price: £110

More info: Po Campo

Linus Bike Sas pannier bag

Linus Bike The Sac Pannier Bag

Inspired by vintage boating bags, this is an unusual bag that looks cool on and off the bike. It can take 13.5 litres when folded, or 18 litres when the bag is full, with a magnetic closure to keep it shut.

There are soft handles or an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying it off the bike, and a brass padlock so you can lock the bag to your bike if you want to leave it there. The fabric itself is waxed canvas.

Price: £49.99

More info: Linus Bikes

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