Bargains, especially in the world of cycling are quite hard to come across these days. We've had a good old hunt around for useful items that are cheap as cheaps and which we couldn't live without!

[part title="Ass Saver Original Mudguard"]

ass savers

Even if you think it’s dry on the roads, the chances are there’ll be a lingering puddle you’ll ride through, or a sudden brief shower, and no one wants road gunk spattered up their back. So invest in mudguards, even if it’s just one of these simple plastic clip-on ones from Ass Saver – a simple solution to staying splatter-free. Easily attached, it can roll away under your seat when you don’t need, roll out when you do.

Price: £6.50, available from Ass Savers.

[part title="Tool kit and spares"]


Different schools of thought say different things about which tools you need on a commute with you – it depends how remote your journey is, and how long it is. Most are strongly in favour of taking a multi tool, others are vehemently against it, arguing it’s better to have just the specific tools that work for your bike. Down to personal preference in the end, your tool kit is something that will evolve over time, but a good starting point would be these items in your saddle bag: a multi tour, tyre levers, puncture repair kit, spare inner tube, nitrile gloves, plus a pump attached to the frame.

Price: £2.99-£17.99, available from Chain Reaction Cycles

[part title=" Liix polka dots pink bicycle bell"]

pink bell

Look stylish and let the world know you’re coming with this classic polka dot metal bell. A clear sound will ring out when you strike it and the timeless design will fit any bike.

Price: £4.87, available from Liix.

[part title="B’Twin 300 Cycling Gloves"]


It doesn’t get much more straightforward and simple than B’Twin’s 300 Cycling Gloves at £6.99. They have all you need for a comfy ride – designed to help reduce chafing on the bars and drops, they’re made from a lightweight and breathable fabric and have a non-slip coating on the palms. Plus, they have a small piece of webbing between the middle and third finger to pull them off with.

Price: £6.99, available from Btwin.

[part title="LMNH DeFeet Aireator Socks "]


East London’s coolest bike repair shop and café Look Mum No Hands has teamed up with DeFeet, the US company who revolutionised cycling socks (and all other sporting socks) with its Aireators, to create the LMNH take on the groundbreaking sock. The first cycling sock to have a flat knit cuff and an airflow mesh weave, the LMNH branded version keeps all the function and adds some form to the classic!

Price: £10, available from Look Mum No Hands.

[part title="Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner"]


The award-winning biodegradable bike cleaner is the only cleaner you need on your shelf – Muc-Off is safe on all parts and surfaces, including carbon fibre, and doesn’t harm seals, cables, brake pads or rotors, it’ll remove mud, road film, grease and grime. Revamped with a nano tech formula to clean on a molecular level, this basically means it’ll be done with dirt in mere minutes, and your ride will be looking like new again in no time.

Price: £8.50, available from Muc-Off.

[part title="Pure 'Wet Lube'"]

wet lube

Once you’re done getting your ride gleaming again, finish things off with some lube, but not just any old lube – Pure Wet Lube is biodegradable, eco friendly and made from all natural ingredients. It’s a thick, heavy duty lubricant designed for wet winter weather and long distances, to protect your chain, cables, derailleurs and all moving parts. And it’s not just the contents that are friendly to the environment, the packaging is recycled and recylable too.

Price: £5.99, available from Pure Bike Lube

Price: £2.49, available from Pro Bike Kit.

[part title="Bumper Bugle Horn"]


Be sure to alert others of your presence in style with this vintage-styled horn – the Bumper Bugle horn is so simple, yet so effective. It’s quite possibly the most straightforward piece of kit you could have on your back – that hard-wearing black rubber bulb is all you need to turn heads. Made by Bumper Bikes, a British firm best known for making children’s bikes, they also make some fun and useful accessories.

Price: £7, available from Velo Vixen

[part title="B’Twin VIOO 100 Front Light"]


Made from a stretchy plastic, the B’Twin VIOO 100 is a brilliantly simple light to have to hand if you end up out later than planned, or your main light stops working, and it’s easy to attach to any part of your frame, bars or even helmet. Running off two small watch batteries, it has a run time of up to 44 hours, has two modes and a seven-metre beam. It’s just the thing to help alert drivers to your presence, and for the price, you couldn’t ask for more.

Price: £3.99, available from Decathlon.

[part title="Café du Cycliste Waterproof Pouch"]


We’ve all been there – had various items (smartphone, money, credit card and train tickets) stuffed in our jersey pockets, only to pull them out when needed and they either be a bit sweaty, or a bit damp. Well fret no more because Café du Cycliste’s waterproof pouch will not only keep everything dry, you can also your smartphone’s touchscreen through it AND you can hear and talk through it. Everything stays dry and clean, and you’ve just got another reason to smile at the end of your ride.

Price: £3.25, available from Cafe du Cycliste.

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