Best Commuter Cycling Pedals

Commuting to work by bike is the perfect way to stay fit and healthy, and save money. If you do it regularly, you'll know home important it is to have good, comfortable equipment that works reliably, and pedals are part of this.

We've looked high and low to find the best pedals for commuting, whether you commute by road bike or by hybrid, and whether you like to ride clipped in or with versatile flat pedals.

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[part title="Shimano Click'R Clipless Pedals"]

Shimano Click'R Pedals

If you like the idea of efficiency of clipping in, but are worried about unclipping quickly and easily, then the Shimano Click'R pedals are an ideal option. Perfect for commuters, they come in a range of models, and all of them are easy to unclip from - read our review to see for yourself!

They have wide platforms, so there's plenty to push against if you don't manage to clip in first time, and come complete with the orange reflective patches you need to be seen on the road.

The PD-T420 model comes with a the clip in mechanism only on one side of the pedal, so you get the best of both worlds.

Price: RRP from £34.99 to £69.99

More info: Shimano Click'R Commuter Pedals

[part title="Vavert Folding Commuter Pedals"]

Vavert folding pedals

If you want pedals that can be folded up out of the way, or you need to replace the pedals on your folding bike, then these could be the answer.

They have a metal body with a translucent plastic cage, with plenty of room on the pedal surface.

Price: RRP £14.99

More info: Vavert

[part title="Token Track Pedal with Toe Clips"]

Token Track Pedals

If you're a fan of toe clips, and you like classic styling, the pair a pair of these track pedals from Token with your vintage steed.

They are flat pedals with a metal toe clip and a strap that buckles around the foot to keep you securely fastened in place.

Price: RRP

More info: Token Cycling

[part title="DMR V8 Magnesium Flat Pedals"]

DMR V8 Magnesium mtb flat pedals

If you like your pedals bright and you tend to wear trainers for cycling most of the time, then check out the DMR V8 pedals. Designed as an entry level mountain bike pedal, they work brilliantly for commuters too, with the metal pins gripping onto the soles of your trainers securely.

Be careful if you wear soft soled shoes though, as the pedal pins might damage them!

Price: RRP £34.99

More Info: DMR Bikes

[part title="MKS Lambda Commuter Pedals"]

MKS Lambda Commuter Pedal

The platform area on these pedals is huge, so there's no chance you'll loose your footing when you ride with these! The Lambda pedals also have a patterned surface for extra grip when riding, and orange reflectors to help your improve visibility on the road.

Price: RRP £29.99

More info: MKS International

[part title="Shimano XT T780 SPD Trekking Pedals"]

Shimano trekker pedals

If you want a high quality pair of pedals that will go the distance, then check out the T780s from Shimano. Designed for long commutes or trekking, one side of the pedal is flat and the other has a clip mechanism. You can ride with either flat shoes or clipless ones.

Price: RRP £74.99

More info: Shimano

[part title="Powergrips Pedal Straps"]

Powergrips pedal straps

Powergrips Pedal Straps

Powergrips straps give you the security of strapping onto your pedals, with the added safety element that they will disengage and release quickly if needed.

They don't come with pedals and you need to make sure the pedals you have in mind will work with them (Evans cycles recommend the Genetic Pro Track Pedals) but they are a great option. The strap fits diagonally across the pedal, making it quicker and easier to get your foot out when you need to.

Price: RRP £24.99

More info: Powergrips

[part title="Shimano M324 Combination Pedals"]

shimano combination pedals

Shimano M324 Combination Pedals

Another sturdy option from Shimano. This is another combination option, that has a flat pedal face on one side, and a clipless mechanism on the other. The metal makes these pedals robust, and you can tweek the release mechanism to make it easier or harder to unclip.

Price: RRP £44.99

More info: Shimano

[part title="Shimano R550 SPD-SL Road Pedals"]

Shimano SPD SL

If you have a long distance to cover over open roads, you might want to think about going for full-on road cycling pedals. These take a different style of cleat to the majority of the other pedals mentioned here, which attaches to the shoes with three bolts.

Although these are harder to release out of (read our article on How to Master Clipping In for some tips on getting the hang of this) they do have the advantage if you have a long ride, or not too many traffic lights or junctions, that you can use road cycling shoes with stiff soles.

Price: RRP £49.99

More info: Shimano

[part title="MKS PB-390 Commuter Hybrid Pedals"]

MKS Flat commuter hybrid pedal

MKS PB-390 Commuter Hybrid Pedals

A bargain priced pedal, the PB-390 comes with a grippy pad to make sure your feet stay in place when the going gets wet. Made from a strong resin body, they also have the required orange reflectors on the rear of each pedal.

Price: RRP £9.99

More info: MKS

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