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Electric bikes are big news these days. Initially, the cycling industry held them with a little distrust, but growing sales suggest an undeniable demand, and more and more brands are getting on board.

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Where once most electric bikes were city bike affairs, the options are rapidly multiplying to include folding electric folding bikes, electric mountain bikes, and more.

The growth is demonstrated by the fact that the upcoming Cycle Show in Birmingham’s NEC centre will be hosting the largest ever eBike village to be on display at a cycling trade show. No fewer than 27 brands will be exhibiting new electric bike options.

Event director Chris Holman said: “There has been a huge uptake in people riding eBikes, both in the UK and abroad. The Cycle Show brings the biggest brands in the industry together so that visitors can find out more about the benefits of e-bikes, test them and also be advised on how to choose the right one for the right purpose."

Brands exhibiting eBikes include well know mainstream brands, such as Cube and Raleigh.

The Cycle Show are taking electric bikes seriously – and why shouldn’t they – with well over 100 powered bikes on display?

They’ve built a 700m loop specifically for testing the bikes, which will include a 30m ramp so people can check out their new found assisted climbing abilities.

Here’s a sneak peak at what some of the exhibiting brands have to offer in the eBike world...

raleigh electric bike

The brand new Raleigh Captus will make its show debut at The Cycle Show and follows on from the success of the Raleigh Motus.

The Captus uses Bosch battery and motor, with a battery range of up to 148km. The focus in designing the bike was on smooth acceleration and gear shifting, and there are 9 gears in total.

The front suspension fork has been made by Suntour and there is a useful handlebar display to provide riders with the info they need.

a2b electric bike

German based A2B are serious about engineering and aesthetics - they create interesting designs and fit their eBikes with a custom rack mounted battery.

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A2B’s range includes folding bikes, hybrids and city bikes. Each model is named after a notable engineer across many fields: Thomas Edison, Ferdinand Ferber, Graham Obree and Hideo Shima to name a few.

emu electric bike

'Roam Free’ is Emu’s mantra, they believe their discrete down-tube mounted batteries could turn cycling in to a more approachable hobby, and could also allow eBiking to be more adventurous.

Emu Bikes see eBikes as the answer to "traffic-filled roads and prohibitively expensive public transport". The brand offer two bikes, one for men and one for women, and both feature a pretty snazzy built in phone charger.

KTM electric bike

KTM make a range of really exciting eBikes, from city shoppers to full suspension MTBs - they even have an electric fat bike.

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The Austrian based manufacturer have applied decades of motor knowledge to the eBike market - making sure they've offered options for a range of riding styles.

gazelle elctric bike

Royal Dutch Gazelle earned the regal part of their name after Princess Margriet of Holland personally endorsed the company in 1992.

They offer four different combinations of motor fitting to their bikes, incorporating the motor in to either the crank or the front hub. Their platinum battery has a huge 265 km range.

Smooth pedalling is important to this brand, and they have developed Shift Sensor Technology to ensure fluid riding.

We've got a great buying guide on the range from Gazelle bikes here - take a look.

All of these bikes and more will be on display at the Cycle Show in Birmingham later this month - find out more here.

***NEWSFLASH: GET £1.50 off tickets to the Cycle Show in Birmingham - the largest ever showing of electric bikes. Just use the code TWC when checking out***