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Welcome to Total Women's Cycling

Welcome to Total Women's Cycling

Who are we and what’s it all about? Why this site? And why NOW?

Huzzah! Image by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

In 1894 Annie Londonderry set out from Boston on a journey which the New York Times heralded as ‘the most extraordinary journey ever undertaken by a woman.’

She was on a bicycle and she circumnavigated the globe, ditching her skirts for bloomers along the way and allowing women to catch a whiff of freedom, strength and courage.

Crank it up a gear and race through the centuries and we now have women who tear through world records, take gnarly rock gardens in their stride, pedal to work with nonchalance and embrace, with style, grit and determination, a world on two wheels.

It seemed only right to create a website which not only celebrates the achievements of female cyclists but which also provides inspiration, knowledge, expertise and a fair amount of mud, sweat and tears for all of us to whom the first crank of the pedals means the start of a good day.

Welcome to Total Women’s Cycling.

We’re all cyclists here – you, me, the writers, the photographers, the nutritionists, sports scientists and mechanics – and we’ve all got one goal: to produce intelligent female-directed bike content across the fields of road, mountain bike and urban cycling which raises the bar.

Because it’s about time.

We don’t have an ‘us vs them’ culture here and it’s not about saying ‘well stick you we’ll have our own scene.’ It’s about providing a forum where women’s cycling can grow, expand, shine and develop. And it’s about acknowledging that you don’t have to actually have balls in order to ride like you do. Anyway, when it comes to hitting the cross bar during a bail, we all know who comes out better.

Whether you prefer to ride a hybrid to the office or slick asphalt in the Alps, like your tyres fat or bright pink, prefer a lycra all-in-one to a billowing skirt or baggies there’s a space for you on TWC and we actively encourage you to join in.

Because we’re all in this together.

  1. Steve Wilson

    Good luck! I hope it is not all sport and pushing for faster times. Some of us like a leisurely ride on our bikes.

    1. Susan Greenwood

      Thanks! and yep we’re totally in favour of that too never fear. All for the love of the bike …

  2. Joanne Bromfield

    Come on girls!………..

  3. Linda Snow

    Welcome – a great new site….will recommend to all my fellow cyclists!

    1. Susan Greenwood

      Thanks Linda – appreciate the support!

  4. Julia

    Great news! Have you ever heared of our German site Passionate MTB-Girls. :-) You might try it with Google translate if you don’t speak German.

    1. Susan Greenwood

      Hey Julia – nice to meet you! Will check out the site. Keep in touch!

  5. TB

    This is so great! Are there any ways to get involved with product testing / reviews etc? I’m living life on the bike, as a bicycle postal delivery girl (not a courier) in the rather hilly city of Bath, as well as being a club cyclist / lone roadie, commuter and occasional cyclocrosser too!

  6. Sara Burdon

    Well said Susan! Looks great, and am looking forward to seeing more.

  7. Miroslava Betinova

    I always said 2013 will be the year of the girls and this site is a testament of that. I have promoted your site on our club’s web site. Good luck & happy riding to all of us.

  8. Jan

    I was excited when I came across your site. Congrats. (Ps would I have raced with you?)

  9. Emma Whelan

    Fantastic site – loved the opening blog.

  10. Aoife

    Just read a few articles and I’m really impressed! I’m passionate about cycling; its fair to say its become a large part of my life! I got into cycling through some friends (male and female) and I see more and more of my female friends getting into or back into it, and reaping the benefits. Frankly, cycling is amazing!

  11. Carol Sheehan

    Just what I’ve been looking for- unlike other cycling websites / magazines you are aware that the cycling ‘market’ contains both male and female cyclists. I look forward to articles which promote/show positive images of women cycling and addresses topics relevant to females. Great so far….. Keep it up :)

  12. Madeleine Colde

    Great to see your website, it’s long overdue: thanks! Also good that cycle shops now at long last discuss bikes seriously with women; though they could improve their range of saddles, crank length options and shirts for us.

  13. Ashley

    Yes!! I absolutely love this blog. I just came across it today, thanks to a mention of it on my blog, which is also focused on women and cycling! I’m definitely hooked and will keep coming back!

  14. Susan Greenwood

    Of course it does! Thanks a mill


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