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Cycle Homeware: Bike Clocks

Cycle Homeware: Bike Clocks

Bike clocks for bike mad people!

Hannah Ustel Hannah Ustel


Spruce up your home and make telling the time a little bit more fun:

  1. Bike Sprocket Wheel Clock: £43.86, available from DaWanda.
  2. Large Sprocket Clock: £25.00, available from Etsy.
  3. Chainring Gear Clock: £32.98, available from Etsy.
  4. Vintage Bicycle Clock: £32.50, available from Clemmente.
  5. I Love to Bike Modern Wall Clock: £27.00, available from Cafe Press.
  6. Bicycle Shaped Desktop Clock: £5.53, available from DX.
  7. Keep Calm and Bike On Clock: £27.00, available from Cafe Press.

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